CSPC: Avril Lavigne Popularity Analysis


In 2002 Avril Lavigne took the music scene by storm with her debut album Let Go. Unlike the remaining teen pop stars, her sound involved rock elements which didn’t stop her from becoming one of the main idols of her generation.

Recent years have been harder for the Canadian diva though. Off the radar since 2013, she announced on her Instagram account a couple of days ago that her upcoming album is in its final stages of production. Will she be able to reverse the downward spiral she is currently in and record a new hit? We will found out soon enough. In the meantime, let’s review her past achievements!

As usual, I’ll be using the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept in order to relevantly gauge her results. This concept will not only bring you sales information for all Lavigne‘s albums, physical and download singles, as well as audio and video streaming, but it will also determine their true popularity. If you are not yet familiar with the CSPC method, the next page explains it with a short video. I fully recommend watching the video before getting into the sales figures. Of course, if you are a regular visitor feel free to skip the video and get into the figures.

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This is sooooo fake. Until 2015 Let Go sold 20M, UMS sold 12M, TBDT sold 9M, GL sold 3M and AL sold 900k, so i guess this is with SEA & TEA, but it’s wrong ’cause those sales there are in pure.


Last time I checked the internet, Thriller sold 100 million albums, and The Beattles as well as Elvis sold a cumulative of 1 billion records when we all know none of them were true. Avril is no exception to this. There are so many fake figures out there. I personally dont think it make sense for her to sell as much as the figures u mentioned. To start with she wasnt really that big in the US and Europe. She’s huge in Asia. But she debut at a time when the Asian market was collapsing, with the exception of Japan.… Read more »


._____. Her label said Let Go sold that. And you even said once that IFPI sales are shipment figures, now you say we can trust it. You also said MediaTraffic is not a reliable source but you make the sales according to MT.
Avril has sold 47M album pure sales. Now i see that ChartMasters is bullshit.


And to add

Christina Aguilera – 50,732,000 EAS (as of March 2017)
Avril Lavigne – 43,059,000 EAS (as of February 2018)


RIAA has stopped updating the sales of the first Avril albums for several years so it is possible that she has sold more than that? true?


Are these Numbers right? Didn’t Let Go sold more than 20 million copies? UMS 15? TBDT 9? GL 3m? And AL 1m? As far as I remember Billboard updated her numbers in 2013 and were higher than yours and they didn’t count Spotify


How would billboard know exact worldwide sales?


Hi Uriel! As Dan mentioned, Billboard is not an official source for worldwide sales. Only the labels knows worldwide sales, and when they report it, other sources might quote that with a mention of the label as a source. If not, they’ll most likely use a source that is false but widely reported (eg. Wikipedia) All figures listed in this article were backed by 2 sources of official data. One, Country by country breakdown using raw data reported, if not, through other sources (eg. chart data), and Two, reports from labels or official sources, mostly IFPI. While we can’t be… Read more »


Actually, Let Go has sold 20M ww copies according to her label.


We know that Avril has always had problems with record companies. For example, her fourth record was deliberately sabotaged by her record company and not properly promoted. We also know that her last record was released by a label in crisis (Epic). The promotion (and the tour) of the last record were abruptly interrupted by her illness. How do you think these factors have affected? Moreover, how much do you think the general sales crisis has affected the sales of your albums? We also consider that Avril is an old-fashioned artist who has never pissed hits that reflect trendy genres,… Read more »

Pedro Labre

Avril Lavigne (2013) – 962,000 equivalent albums
Rock n Roll – 760,000
Here’s to Never Growing Up – 2,080,000
Let Me Go – 410,000
Remaining tracks – 700,000

This math doesn’t make sense… it should be something like 600.000 equivalent album, not 962.000


Hi Pedro Labre!

You’re right! The DL total adds for 3,95m, which would equal to 592,500 equivalent units. I’ll inform MJD of this. There must be a typo on either the DL totals or the equivalent units totals.


How did you all make a profile pic? I can’t see the option 🙂


It’s weird that The Best Damn Thing sold only 5,6 million. At the end of 2007 the album was close to 6 million sales. And at May 2014 the self-titled album has sold 650,000 copies, how it could get only 90,000 more over the past 3 years even with the Avril Lavigne Tour going to South and North America and Asia to promote the album?! I’m a little confused, I think it’s not correct.


The shipment figures only start this decade. TBDT can’t just sold 5M ww because it’s false. IFPI reported +5M copies ww, so til now, TBDT has sold at least 9M pure sales and 10M with SPS.


Shipments are used for years. Your info is wrong. TBDT shipped 5M in 2007, never had another one in IFPI year-end, the singles pós Girlfriend didn’t charted Very well and the album didn’t appear in any year-end charts around the World after 2007 (only in US at #176 in 2008).

What do You think It managed to sell more 4M copies until now? It doesn’t work that way.


Hi MJD! Wonderful job as usual! Avril has had a great career, in fact, a lot of people don’t realize how big and global she was during her prime. Easily one of the most global acts of the 2000s along with Britney and Eminem! And while she has declined a lot, her success in Asia has been very consistent thus keeping her at least moderately successful. On a side note, I was expecting her streaming results to be a lot worse than they actually are! By the way, her achievements page says “Let Go” is the highest selling international studio… Read more »


Finally. Thank you very much. I expected her first two albums to be bigger. At that time Avril Lavigne was perceived as an authentic cultural phenomenon. But her third album is bigger than I thought, almost 10 M. His fourth album was a great descent, but 3.5 M is not bionic or Britney Jean. Would you consider it a semi-success or a semi-flop? The fifth album was unquestionably a flop, but albums like Joanne, with a lot of promo, didnt sell more than it.

Why do you think Avril had this decline after his third album?


I wasn’t surprised to see her results. I never consider her as big as even Christina Aguilera. Her image are just not that appealing, although she probably has bigger and more famous singles than Xtina. Although still, its not everyday you could get an artist that could sell 30 million albums. Still respectable total though.


Xtina is bigger than Avril for sure and Xtina has more popular songs than Avril.


Lie. Avril Lavigne had a higher peak: Let Go (19 M). Christina (17 M). And, in addition, her albums had a greater consistency: Avril (19 M, 9 M, 9 M, 3.5 M, 1.9 M). Christina (17 M, 11 M, 7 M, 1 M, 0.8 M). If Christina has a bigger total, it’s because 10 million of her sales are from her feats. In addition, 2 million sales come from a song where she only sings 30 seconds. The last album of Avril Lavigne sold as much as Joanne (around 2 M in sps) and the double of Witness. She has… Read more »


Agree with you, Avril has more hits and probably sell a little bit more than Xtina. However, Xtina is much more appealing image wise and the fact that she has a very powerful voice makes her more widely known critically speaking.


Hi Lavinger and RLAAMJR! The comparison between Xtina and Avril is interesting, but aside from comparing raw data, another way to look at it is through the investment to profit ratio pointed out by MJD in the Britney article comments. Several statements pointed out by Lavinger were true: -Avril had a higher peak than Xtina -Xtina has the edge over Avril due to songs outside her studio albums As for the consistency part, it is debatable. When Avril had the bigger album with their first album, obviously from a profit point of view, Avril wins comparing their debut, especially considering… Read more »


Avril has bigger peak and more longevity, hence, Xtina edges out her? I really don’t understand your logic tbh?


This is how you compare Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne. Popularity – Christina Aguilera pretty much wins in this category. More people around the world know who Christina is than Avril. Thanks to recording the Mulan soundtrack, being a judge in xfactor and having her own movie. Hit songs -Christina’s songs are more popular and unforgettable. You will even hear some Christmas songs from Christina during Christmas. Net Worth: Christina – $160 million Avril -$50 million Avril’s first album may have sold more than Xtina’s first album but Xtina had a lot of competitors in pop music especially Britney. Avril… Read more »


MJD your response is one dimensional. The popularity point is debatable but pretending like streaming is the only source to compare hit songs is crazy especially considering their conditions. Avril had bigger hits in the late 2000s/early 2010s, thus she may be known by younger people more often who considerably stream much more, whereas Christina had more hits in the early 2000s (typically and generally songs from that era are not streamed as much). It’s an unfair comparison to begin with as the younger demographic certainly doesn’t depict the overall popularity of their entire career courses. People around my age… Read more »


MJD already addressed the fact that Christina was perhaps more popular in the West, so listing charting positions in the Anglosphere was redundant. Avril is simply miles more popular in Asia and does better on streaming than Christina. And also most of Avrils biggest hits come from the early 2000s, such as Complicated, S8er Boi and I’m With You, so Avril is really on a level playing field on that front. You saying “but *I* know more Christina songs” isn’t exactly hard hitting evidence as Avril is proven to be more popular by factual numbers on streaming. Without features they’re… Read more »


Avril is indeed more popular in Asia than Christina but let’s not pretend like that’s the world. Everywhere else (including the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada) Christina does have FACTUALLY much more top 10 hits and #1 hits (even if you exclude the feautures). Thus concluding to the point that the general public knows more Christina Aguilera songs than Avril Lavigne songs. This is a logical conclusion and it is based on charting measurement across the world and time, not on my opinion as you implied. And like I said in my comment before, bigger streaming numbers are not… Read more »


Conclusion: According to worldwide chart numbers (which include every generation and recognize time as a changing factor) Christina is more popular. According to streaming and social media (younger generation) Avril is more popular as of 2020. According to sales they are both pretty equal if you exclude Christina’s collaborations, if not (because why would you? She still profits from them and gets her reasonable share of the revenues) Christina is more successfull. Avril’s net worth is estimitated by multiple sources to be around $45 to $50 million whereas Christina’s net worth is estimitated to be around $160 million to $180… Read more »


Alex. You are acting as if US, Canada are the only market in the world. In Europe, Asia, Latin America, Avril was the bigger artist by a big margin. You point out that, her biggest hits are in late 00s, 10s. Which just went on to prove that she continue to be big at a time when the market was really2 low. And the fact that she was the biggest in Asia at a time when the market was absolutely pathetic definitely affects her sales badly. Christina was big at a time when the market was at all time peak.… Read more »


Michael that’s not true. I was trying to be modest when I only mentioned three countries. But I could go on forever. The only market where Avril is bigger than Christina in terms of hit singles is Asia, most notably in Japan. Otherwise Christina surpasses Avril everywhere around the world including the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia and Latin America. Xtina has 11 top 10 hits and 5 #1 songs in the US 18 top 10 hits and 4 #1 songs in the UK 14 top 10 hits and 5 #1 songs in Canada 12 top 10 hits and 1 #1… Read more »


those net-worth you’ve got ain’t from an official source. Who can say it’s 100% accurate.


“Far away from her” ? You’re a compeletly delusional fan and that’s coming from someone who loves both. Even without Xtina’s features, the both of them have about the same career sales (and not every collaboration is a feauture, you should educate yourself before talking about this). However Christina still has more hits than Avril everywhere in the world including Canada. Avril’s chart history: US: 5 top 10 hits, 1 #1 hit UK: 7 top 10 hits Canada: 7 top 10 hits, 2 #1 hits as a lead artist (3 in total) Christina’s chart history US: 9 top 10 hits… Read more »


No way!


In US yet, worldwide no. Both have released 5 studio albums in English. Avril actually outsold Xtina each era expect for the second one.

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