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Digital Singles Sales

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 1,5 ratio between one album and one digital single.

Let Go (2002) – 1,106,000 equivalent albums

Complicated – 2,760,000
Sk8er Boi – 2,560,000
I’m with You – 1,550,000
Remaining tracks – 500,000

Under My Skin (2004) – 657,000 equivalent albums

Don’t Tell Me – 710,000
My Happy Ending – 2,120,000
Nobody’s Home – 1,150,000
Remaining tracks – 400,000

The Best Damn Thing (2007) – 2,873,000 equivalent albums

Girlfriend – 11,630,000
When You’re Gone – 3,130,000
Hot – 1,110,000
Keep Holding On – 2,480,000
Remaining tracks – 800,000

Goodbye Lullaby (2011) – 1,590,000 equivalent albums

What the Hell – 6,040,000
Wish You Were Here – 1,150,000
Smile – 950,000
Alice – 1,260,000
Remaining tracks – 1,200,000

Avril Lavigne (2013) – 593,000 equivalent albums

Rock n Roll – 760,000
Here’s to Never Growing Up – 2,080,000
Let Me Go – 410,000
Remaining tracks – 700,000

Orphan – 105,000 equivalent albums

Remaining tracks – 700,000

Complicated, Sk8er Boi and I’m with You were all released before the digital age but their appeal continued in later years. They are all well over a million downloads and ringtones, in fact they sold nearly 7 million combined!

Don’t Tell Me, My Happy Ending and Nobody’s Home are arguably weaker, but with 4 million sales in total they aren’t forgotten either.

Then comes The Best Damn Thing, the first era which enjoyed an already existing digital market. Girlfriend was one of the first monster hits in that format recording stunning results both in downloads and in ringtones sales. Combined, it sold well over 5 million in the US, far more than 2 million in Japan and a total of 11,63 million globally. When You’re Gone and Keep Holding On are both multi-million sellers, contributing to the era total of more than 19 million singles sales.

What the Hell is rarely regarded as a big hit, but its 2,25 million US sales, added to its more than 1 million units in both Japan and South Korea, push the total to over 6 million. Later songs weren’t quite as big with most of them struggling to reach a million sales worldwide in spite of the strong popularity Lavigne has in Asia.

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How many units My World live album sold in Japan?


Can you update Head Above Water sales?


I remember her being popular but I did not know her debut was so huge. The 3rd biggest seller for a female during the 00s.


If am I do not wrong, “Let Go” has sold over 18ʼ000,000 pure copies until now, cause the 16ʼ220,000 is till 2004 the last update from ARISTA RECORDS. Mediatraffic give the albums over 19ʼ000,000 and put the album on their list “100 best selling/successful albums of all time”
And “Under My Skin” over 9ʼ600,000


Can we have an update with her last album, Head Above Water, please ?
Thanks for your work !


Media Traffic from Facebook

‘Let Go’ (2002) 17 million
‘Under My Skin’ (2004) 9,5 million
‘The Best Damn Thing’ (2007) 6 million
‘Goodbye Lullaby’ (2011) 1,65 million
‘Avril Lavigne’ (2013) 700.000

Why He Give ‘Under My Skin’ A 9.5M Est.


How Can I see total digital sales for every countrys?

[…] genuína e astuta o suficiente ao ponto do seu álbum de estreia, lançado em 2002, conseguir mover números impressionantes para um projeto de estreia de uma jovem artista, cuja imagem não parecia conformista o suficiente […]


Under My Skin sold over 100k copies in Taiwan by February 2005.BTW, wasn’t club sales at 4% in US in 2002?Why you estimated Let Go sales only 7.1 million there why Soundscan number is at 7 million ?

Ash Newton

One of these days can you please do more global heatmaps, I have a couple of suggestions: Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Celine Dion, Adele, Katy Perry… and maybe Janet Jackson? Lol. ☺️


Hi! omg such an amazing information about my favorite singer ever!.
I would lik to know if avril´s info is gonna be updated with all sales info about her new singles (Head above water, Tell me it´s over )and new album (head above water, out next february 15.).

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