CSPC: Oasis Popularity Analysis


Physical Singles Sales – Part 1

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 3 ratio between one album and one physical single.

Definitely Maybe (1994) – 456,000 equivalent albums

Shakermaker – 350,000
Live Forever – 370,000
Supersonic – 390,000
Cigarettes & Alcohol – 410,000

(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? (1995) – 1,334,000 equivalent albums

Roll With It – 690,000
Wonderwall – 1,820,000
Don’t Look Back In Anger – 1,060,000
Some Might Say – 810,000
Morning Glory – 50,000
Champagne Supernova – 15,000

Be Here Now (1997) – 639,000 equivalent albums

D’You Know What I Mean? – 1,130,000
Stand By Me – 570,000
Don’t Go Away – 40,000
All Around The World – 390,000

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000) – 246,000 equivalent albums

Go Let It Out – 490,000
Who Feels Love? – 170,000
Sunday Morning Call – 160,000

The singles chart history of Oasis is special. Each of their singles up to Wonderwall lasted at least 100 weeks inside the UK Top 200 chart. Back in the 90s that wasn’t the norm at all. Physical singles were available for a limited amount of time. They were selling like hot cakes which made it hard to hold on for many weeks. For example, none of Blur‘s first 10 singles lasted even 15 weeks. The hysteria was so big that fans felt the need to collect all their singles including songs promoted one or two years before.

As many as 83% of sales from Definitely Maybe‘s singles came from the UK and 84% for Roll With It. Their global breakthrough came with Wonderwall. The cult song sold 970,000 physical copies in the UK and 850,000 elsewhere, more than one fourth of which were shifted in the US.

With all their singles being surefire hits in their homeland the only singles with less than 300,000 sales are Morning Glory, Champagne Supernova and Don’t Go Away, three songs with releases limited to Australia or Japan. The lackluster performance of songs from Standing on the Shoulder of Giants is obvious, explaining why this album sold so much less than its predecessors.

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Hello, Oasis’ total CSPC and streams are down by 3 million. Why is that?


Thanks! Appreciate your speed and professionalism.


Hello, I might misunderstand this, but the daily increase (LD) of Definitely Maybe is lower than the Spotify increase. Isn’t that physically impossible?


Hello, could you explain why the total Spotify numbers of definitely maybe is higher than the total auto update? That should also include video streams, so I expected the total auto update to be higher. Thanks in advance!


Hi there! In your receipt database I found an item about Dig Out Your Soul for a shipment of 70k in Italy by YE 2008 (12 weeks after its release). In this article it’s only at 65k. Did the album stay on the shelves that much?


Hi Chartmasters!
Do you think Morning Glory has already overtaken 21 as the best selling studio album of all time in the UK? The difference was about 110k in 2017 and MG is placed higher on the UK albums chart almost every week since then, I’m not sure how much pure sales that means, though.


Hi again! I’m sure you have other things on your mind and this probably isn’t the major issue in the music bizz these days, but it is a relevant thing to know if it’s a close race. I would say it’s actually fun too. Morning Glory has sold somewhere in the range of 40-60k in vinyls since dec 17 and probably some cd’s as well. Now I don’t know Adele’s sales, but MG probably hasn’t caught up with 21. Might it happen soon? A vinyl re-issue is set for october, so that might help. If the new Adele album is… Read more »

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