CSPC: Christina Aguilera Popularity Analysis

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Original Album Sales – Comments

1999 Christina Aguilera – 12,800,000
2000 My Kind of Christmas – 1,400,000
2002 Stripped – 9,550,000
2006 Back to Basics – 4,000,000
2010 Bionic – 750,000
2010 Burlesque – 1,375,000
2012 Lotus – 525,000

Over 7 studio albums including one Christmas set and one Soundtrack, Christina Aguilera sold 30,4 million units. Nearly 60% of those sales come from the US. This is precisely the issue limiting her sales, the lack of crossover appeal she had in various places. Figures demonstrate the situation quite well as her entire discography, compilations included, sold barely 400,000 units in France or 230,000 copies in Italy, less than Britney Spears debut.

It had started quite well still with her first two legit studio albums moving over 22 million copies. The positive note was that Stripped arguably outsold her debut in various markets, ending up lower globally only because of the US sales difference.

Everything got more complicated after that though. Back to Basics wasn’t a flop by any means but still showed a real decline from its predecessors. Meanwhile it had three decent hits, something both subsequent efforts Bionic and Lotus completely failed to get. Consequently, their sales have been disastrous with barely 1,3 million units sold combined. Burlesque Soundtrack, on which Cher contributed with two songs, did a bit better than them but nothing outstanding either. Download sales had exploded by then though so maybe results from that format saved those eras? Stay tuned, we will get there during the next pages.

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Xtina Fan

I don’t know why anyone would be dragging Christina’s career numbers when she’s still one of the most successful female artists of all-time, but they need an update regardless. Since these numbers were posted in 2017, Xtina has achieved these new stats in the United States alone, from the RIAA’s website: +3 million units for Christina Aguilera (singles only) +6 million units for Stripped (album and singles) +4 million units for Back to Basics (album and singles) +500K Gold certification for Keeps Gettin’ Better, Bionic, and Lotus albums +1x Platinum certification for “Lady Marmalade” +10x Diamond certification for “Moves Like… Read more »

Bri L.

About damn time her numbers got updated seriously, it’s been 5 years!!!


It has been 5 years since her figure is last updated here and she already released two more studio albums. Could you at least put Liberation and Aguilera here on her CSPC table? We’ll appreciate it a lot. It would be even better if you could update her sales, especially for Liberation, and share the break down of the sales of Mi Reflejo and Keeps Gettin’ Better A Decade of Hits.


Christina Aguilera has sold 53 million pure albums and 90 million albums in total but it’s not me saying that, it’s Billboard and Sony Music


Actually they reported 43 million.
That 90 million must be album+singles.

stan lotus 2.0

Back to basics sales are far from disappointing, it’s a double disc with a not commercial sound selling over 6.6M units, it’s actually pretty good.

also some stats are deflated. Your Body sold 1.350.000 digital copies not 900.000.

also, is it possible to update it? it’s been years and she released 1 album and a half since then.


I’ve been tweeting to him and posted comments here, but still got zero response. I hope he will update it as soon as La Luz EP is released.


When are you going to update all her albums, singles and sales?


She didn’t even last longer than katy. Horrible stats for someone to be known as rival of Britney back then.


That is what happens when someone copies when they can’t come up with their own thing.


It’s hard to sell albums when you’re crafting amazing albums like Stripped and Back to Basics and not releasing an album a year by just singing whatever is put on front of you by Max Martin or Dr Luke . . .


Lmao those albums streams proved that they are not seen artistic by gp except by xtina fans and never got much acclaim. Stop making excuses. Brtney released albums bcoz she had demand for them.

Xtina didn’t and outside usa , she was never a match for britney. Britney’s success and celebrity was top. If xtina had released so much, she would’ve became irrelevant by 2004! Easy to bring artistic integrity to justify flopping! Those albums tragic streams show otherwise anyways!

Last edited 8 months ago by Eminemfan

The rivalry was mainly due to both artists being on the Mickey Mouse Club together, being nearly the same age, and then debuting their pop careers around the same time. There was never any competition when it came to sales–Britney outsold Christina by a massive margin, plus released more albums in her first few years. Looking at the chartmasters numbers, just Britney’s first two albums (BOMT + OIDIA) total more sales than Christina’s entire solo career to date (and equal her total career numbers with features included). However Christina is still ahead of Kay Perry’s career total so I’m not… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Kris

Can’t wait for Eminemfan posting in the Prince thread “Horrible stats for someone to be known as rival of MJ back then”.

He already did that with Janet, “Horrible stats for someone to be known as rival of Whitney” or something. Trolls gonna troll…


Just because someone point out the numbers doesn’t make them a troll. But i understand it is tough concept for blind cult deluded worhippers to understand.

Na i won’t do in Prince’s post , because he was actual a true artist, even though his music isn’t my taste, who went against label. Other 2 were mainstream as it gets. But to hide their flops, their fans act like they were some Kate Bush non mainstream artistic side lmao. When their music was as commercial like any other cringeworthy pop star.

Last edited 8 months ago by Eminemfan

Oh another reply I missed, isn’t it possible to show more “Recent Comments” with WordPress ? Subscribing to every thread is rather annoying…

Anyway, I assume Eminemfan is banned at this point but here he was pretending that Prince wasn’t in the same genre as Janet and Christina (pop/r&b) 🙄


Hey MJD, could you please add Liberation at least to the CSPC table? I have seen other artists being updated with their latest releases, but not Christina. If you have the time we would love to see the pure sales breakdown of the album too. Thank you, much appreciated.


Stripped not selling 10M pure sales is what I’d call disappointing, Back To Basics moving only 6.5M units is simply tragic. Aguilera only lasted for 4 years.


What an exaggeration! Back to Basics is a double CD, and in most countries it costs more, which puts off casual shoppers – not fans, of course. The three Back to Basics singles have earned gold and platinum certifications in the US and other countries, nowhere near a failure. The sound of the record is not as catchy and mainstream as what was playing at the time. In comparison, Madonna released in 1990 the CD I’m Brathless, with the same type of sound and which sold about 6 million copies worldwide, even with a (catchy) song like Vogue – which… Read more »

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