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Original Album Sales – Comments

1999 Christina Aguilera – 12,800,000
2000 My Kind of Christmas – 1,400,000
2002 Stripped – 9,550,000
2006 Back to Basics – 4,000,000
2010 Bionic – 750,000
2010 Burlesque – 1,375,000
2012 Lotus – 525,000

Over 7 studio albums including one Christmas set and one Soundtrack, Christina Aguilera sold 30,4 million units. Nearly 60% of those sales come from the US. This is precisely the issue limiting her sales, the lack of crossover appeal she had in various places. Figures demonstrate the situation quite well as her entire discography, compilations included, sold barely 400,000 units in France or 230,000 copies in Italy, less than Britney Spears debut.

It had started quite well still with her first two legit studio albums moving over 22 million copies. The positive note was that Stripped arguably outsold her debut in various markets, ending up lower globally only because of the US sales difference.

Everything got more complicated after that though. Back to Basics wasn’t a flop by any means but still showed a real decline from its predecessors. Meanwhile it had three decent hits, something both subsequent efforts Bionic and Lotus completely failed to get. Consequently, their sales have been disastrous with barely 1,3 million units sold combined. Burlesque Soundtrack, on which Cher contributed with two songs, did a bit better than them but nothing outstanding either. Download sales had exploded by then though so maybe results from that format saved those eras? Stay tuned, we will get there during the next pages.

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4 year old information . . . what a joke!!!!!


Let’s face it, she’s hardly an artist that is going to be prioritised for an update, given how relatively little she will have added in those 4 years. Her last album didn’t exactly set the world on fire and her streaming numbers, while not exactly terrible are from amazing either.


Her Streaming numbers are quite similar to Britney’s total, she had an update 3 years after her last album in 2019. Chartmasters have ads and are now charging for the spotify tool, they are making money, surely as a business you would have up to date (ish) data what is the point in having 4 year old data??? it’s ridiculous and this isn’t just for Christina.


please give us an update


Why did you only count streams from Spotify and not from YT? Xtina has 5.3g views from YT and almost 3.9g streams from Spotify. Counting all songs (solo, ft. collabs) from all official accounts


The need to draw comparisons to Britney Spears is ridiculous and uncalled for. I like both and I don’t mind comparisons per se but the way you worded your language with an unnecessarily condescending tone throughout the whole article implies you’re biased which is an absolute no-go when collecting data like this. If you’re comparing something do it fully and fairly or don’t do it at all because when you’re talking about “fairly different leagues” : 1.) You’re not taking into account that Christina did not release album after album at the peak of her hype like Britney’s label smartly… Read more »


I understand what you mean but I dont think the author is biased bc of that. The facts are reliable….it’s just that some of his expressions and the way he built this article with the “who’s the winner” concept are a bit unprofessional and annoying. This isn’t stan twitter or a tabloid magazine. Why create a one on one fight? I wish they would just stay transparent without irrational comparisons because like you explained Xtina’s condition and music was compeletly different after stripped and a lot less commercial. Still that doesnt mean the author is taking sides….more like he’s feeding… Read more »


Ur talking non sense. This site is all about sales, sales & sales. Christina probably would have sold a lot more albums at her peak if she realeased more albums but she chose not to & because of that her sales are in a lower league than Britney or whoever else that was the top singers of that time. Christina chose Critical Acclaim over sales, Britney chose the opposite. On a site that talks about sales, Christina isnt in her league, on a site that is focused on Critical Acclaim you can talk all day long and point out how… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Michael

I dont think there’s anything aggressive about my comments. I did not used one offensive word in my comment. And I dont think its tedious when someone tried to indicate an artist as a puppet. If u want to argue, then laid down all ur facts, no need to throw dirt to other artist like that. Thats rude. Also like what would people expect when they throw dirt to other artist. He/she should be expecting some retaliation. I also hate this notion that Britney is a puppet. Jive is known to be really strict and they are not really encouraging… Read more »

Rudy S

Hello, you forgot to include “Mi Reflejo” ( her Spanish album) she went 6 times platinum only on the Hispanic market in the USA, the album was a major hit in Latin America and Spain. She also sang with Pitbull, Andrea Bocelli and Alejandro Fernandez in Spanish ( major hit too).


He included in the page 20, in the Remaining long format. It’s listed as 1.5 millipn copies sold.

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