Official Global Top Sellers of 2004 – with Sales

#14 Gretchen Wilson – Here for the Party – 3,700,000

Surprisingly, we continue this Top 20 worldwide ranking with another album lacking in global appeal as this time we are back to a pure US product. After the ground breaking success of Shania Twain the music industry was looking for new female country stars. For a brief period Gretchen Wilson seemed to be the next big thing, although a singer called Taylor Swift was soon going to come for that crown.

The Redneck Woman, as she has been nicknamed after her debut single, was all everywhere in 2004. This single went to #1 inside the Country rankings while the following 3 singles were all Top 4. The album went on a roll, holding inside the top 40 for 52 consecutive weeks after debuting at #2. Although her cross over abroad was modest, she managed to chart with this album in Australia, the UK, Norway and Sweden where she reached the #7 position.

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