Official Global Top Sellers of 2004 – with Sales

#3 Eminem Encore 9,000,000

It’s hard to believe that a 9 million seller was seen as a disappointment, but it was. It didn’t prove how hugely popular Eminem used to be, and still is to some extent. The biggest artist of the millennium returned with his first proper album since The Eminem Show, even if he never really left due to the releases of the 8 Mile Soundtrack and D-12 World album.

After 10 days of sales the album was up to 2,2 million sales in the US and 380,000 in the UK. Obviously, the figure of 9 million is also concerned by the Christmas bonanza syndrome with about 20% of its units being sold to consumers after the end of 2004. It was still an extraordinary success as the album closed the year as the 3rd best seller in the US and #15 in the UK after less than 8 weeks of sales.

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