Official Global Top Sellers of 2004 – with Sales

#6 Robbie Williams – Greatest Hits 5,600,000

From positions #14 to #50 the annual list is full of albums with no global appeal, and popular only in one main region, North America, Asia or Europe. From the #13 spot though, all albums we have met have a widespread appeal which sounds logical as to be among the very best sellers you need to cross over all regions.

Robbie Williams was so insanely popular in Europe and Australia that he had the highest selling compilation of the year with virtually no sales in the US and in Japan. His Greatest Hits went to #1 all over Europe with gigantic weekly sales, including a stunning 320,000 units sold in its first week in the UK alone.

Just like every other big Christmas release, a number of those 5,6 million units were sold to consumers in later months, although not as many as the previous albums since the October release gave retailers a chance to better adjust their orders before the holiday rush. In any case it was easily the highest selling album of the year in the old continent.

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