Official Global Top Sellers of 2004 – with Sales

#8 Destiny’s Child – Destiny Fulfilled 5,000,000

We reach the 5 million threshold with the fourth and last effort of Destiny’s Child. The title of  the album refers to the upcoming split of the group as its members were already strongly developing their solo careers. No single really took the world by storm but Lose My Breath and Soldier, plus the band’s popularity, were still big enough to move some serious numbers. They also had strong countries like the US and Japan to perfectly back them up.

As a November release though, we need to be cautious to avoid double-counting. Plenty of those 5 million units shipped to retailers in 2004 were sold to consumers in 2005 or even later. In fact, the album went 3xPlatinum for 3 million units shipped in the US in January 2005 thanks to units delivered in late 2004, although by then it had scanned 2,065,000 units, more than 900,000 copies short of total orders. It reached 3 million sales at retail in February 2006, more than one year later.

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