Official Global Top Sellers of 2004 – with Sales

#16 Nelly – Suit3,600,000

One of the 4 artists along with Norah Jones, Joss Stone and Eminem to feature two times inside the Annual Top 50, Nelly did so thanks to simultaneous releases Suit and Sweat.

If Eminem was the king Worldwide, in the US Nelly was nearly as big as he was thanks to his back to back smashes Country Grammar and  Nellyville. He used that status to release two albums at the same time which faced very different fortunes. Both debuted big thanks to his fanbase, but while both singles from Sweat failed to reach the Top 50 on the Hot 100, songs My Place and Over and Over from Suit went to #4 and #3 respectively greatly supporting their parent album. This grants it a much higher ranking on this global chart where it goes in at #16 on 3,6 million units shipped for the year.

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