Official Global Top Sellers of 2004 – with Sales

#17 Ashlee Simpson – Autobiography3,600,000

Back in the day Ashlee Simpson, and even more so her sister Jessica, were flagged as the new Britney Spears. While we may laugh nowadays thinking just how wrong that was, both singers managed to make it into the Global Top 50 albums of 2004. Jessica Simpson‘s In This Skin from 2003 was #35 of 2004 with 2,5 million units, while her younger sister did even better, charting at #17 with 3,6 million sales.

She did so with the album Autobiography which shot to #1 in the US. It did well in Canada and Japan too, reaching the Top 10 in both countries, but failed to cross over to European markets with peaks outside of the Top 20 in the UK and Germany, a dreadful #96 peak in France, and didn’t even chart in Italy. Most of her success was achieved on the back of the popular single Pieces of Me which remains her only hit to date. Her popularity decreased quickly and she hasn’t put out a new album in 10 years.

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