Official Global Top Sellers of 2004 – with Sales

#2 Norah Jones Feels Like Home 9,700,000

There was an Adele before Adele. Come Away With Me was the 11th top seller of 2002, #1 of 2003 and #30 of 2004, becoming the most successful studio album of the decade. Feels Like Home was a tremendous follow up with nearly 10 million units sold in 2004 alone.

In this case we aren’t talking about an album which sold very well and had a strong extra push thanks to Christmas shipments. Feels Like Home came out in February, and while it stood around for quite some time, its promotion was long over by the end of the year given no single had been issued since June.

The album was #2 of the year in the US with more than 3,84 million sales, it crossed the million mark in the UK, while selling more than 600,000 units in France to become the top selling international album of the year. It sold upwards of half a million units in Germany and also featured inside the annual Top 10 in Australia. Jones‘ sophomore effort was big everywhere, although a US phenomenon prevented her from topping the global chart for a second consecutive year…

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