France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 5

Phil CollinsSerious Hits… Live (1990) : 1 235 000

From 1990 to 1998 – when Hits got released – Serious Hits… Live was the only compilation-like album of Phil Collins. The result was quite mind-blowing as the set went #2 in 1990, #2 in 1991, #47 in 1992 and #4 in 1996. Afterwards, it wasn’t as big anymore but still re-entered the catalog chart in a regular basis. It did happen in 2016 with a #89 peak inside that ranking along with 3 distinct re-entries, proving steady sales all year long.

AC/DC – Live (1992) : 1 160 000

Until the release of Iron Man 2 Soundtrack which was more of a compilation of the band more than anything plus the 2012 new Live At River Plate, this 1992 album Live was quite simply the greatest selling catalog album in France. Since, it requires some AC/DC news to get it on charts again as it happened in 2014 thanks to Rock Or Bust release. Not making the global Top 200 this year, the LP still got two entries in distinct periods inside the Catalog Chart.

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