France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 5

block 2 – 5,000

The Beatles 1962-1966 (1973) : 1 365 000

Stepping up one level, The Beatles 1973 compilation 1962-1966 added 5,000 more units in 2016. To be far, it hasn’t chart at all this year. There is still available information for it. On week 37 of 2016, when Live at the Hollywood Bowl was reissued, One rebounded from #99 to #48 in the Top 100 Catalog Chart, while blue compilation 1967-1970 re-entered at #93. We do know for very long that red album 1962-1966 has been selling roughly 90% of its twin brother, thus being most likely just under the Top 100 that week and selling near half of One sales on a weekly basis.

SoundtrackGrease (1978) : 2 045 000

There is two kind of strong catalog sellers. The perennials ones, albums like Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd or Back In Black by AC/DC that sell well whatever how cold the weather is outside. Then you have shot makers, albums like Thriller by Michael Jackson or Dirty Dancing Soundtrack which can be quiet – although Thriller hasn’t been really quiet since 2008 – and then suddenly explode. Grease is part of this later nature of catalog sellers. It made various comebacks into the general Top 10 Chart, as deep into his run as in 1998. The year 2016 has been very silent through with only its ongoing steady sales from weak years getting amassed.

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