France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 6 (41-21)


Bigger and bigger. Having completed already 2016 sales of 127 albums out of the 168 million sellers, we get into the Top 40 territory – plus one bubbling under.

As detailed in the previous part, all amounts of units sold during 2016 for those blockbusters will be rounded at 1,000, although the total to date of the album will then be rounded at 5,000 units. Since we reach higher sellers and thus gaps in-between each album turns out to be bigger, there is enough information to build a simili-Top 40 ranking.  Today, we will focus into albums charted from 41 to 21 based on their sales during 2016. Which all-time greats are still widely purchased up to this day? You will find out the answer right now…

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