France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 5

CalogeroCalogero (2002) : 1 425 000

Turning 15 years old in 2017, Calogero eponymous album has managed to chart at the beginning of 2016. Else way, it isn’t that big of a catalog seller anymore. The consistent airplay of En Apesanteur certainly helps though as well as the continuous success of the singer with his new albums…

Calogero3 (2004) : 1 365 000

… indeed, Calogero is one of the only artists ever that had as many as 4 albums with more than 100 weeks charted, thus he has clearly got the skills to generate new pop / adult contemporary hits, even deep into his career. Just like Yannick Noah, his albums used to continue selling for years, 3 charting in the Catalog ranking Top 20 every year during the 00s. The 2010 release of Best Of naturally changed the picture. Single Si Seulement Je Pouvais Lui Manquer, recipient of Song of the Year award at les Victoires de la Musique, is an all-time classic which remains on heavy FM rotation. Mostly thanks to this song, the album retains some relevance, charting 6 weeks inside the Top 100 Catalog Chart early in the year, peaking at #43.

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