France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 4

MusicalNotre-Dame de Paris (Intégrale) (1998) : 1 170 000

Don’t get it wrong – this is not Notre-Dame de Paris album. This release is the expanded edition that came out just after the original album, both of which passed the million mark. Never forgotten, this iconic musical was re-launched in November 2016 with dates in Paris. It is expected to tour France from April 2017 so expect sales to climb even higher for this year.

Francis CabrelHors-Saison (1999) : 1 905 000

Albums generating a lot of hype and selling absurd amounts in no time are rarely the same records that keep on pulling nice numbers for various years. Hors-Saison managed both feats in a pure Francis Cabrel style. Shifting 1,5 million units in its first 6 months – during summer time – the record remains a solid performer as of this day. Peaking at #79 last year after the artist TV Special, it is among Francis Cabrel greatest catalog sellers.

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