France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 4

like a bridge over troubled water..

70s ALIVE Records

Simon & GarfunkelGreatest Hits (1972) : 1 330 000

One of the oldest million selling album in France, Simon & Garfunkel set Greatest Hits is not quite dead still. This compilation had some heavy competition with the duo dropping immensely successful records on the back of the same tracks like Concert in Central Park, The Collection, The Definitive, The Essential and The Best Of. Nevertheless, this 1972 best of is a classic by itself, remaining among favorite packages of iTunes consumers.

Tino RossiC’est la Belle Nuit de Noël (1973) : 1 085 000

It is difficult to track proper Tino Rossi sales. The French equivalent of Bing Crosby, this crooner is the singer of Petit Papa Noël, by very far the most famous Christmas tune ever in the country. Selling exclusively during the Holiday season, C’est la Belle Nuit de Noël failed to enter the overall top 200 this year with other similar Christmas packages from the artist reducing its impact. It still made the Catalog Charts Top 40 at the most valuable time of the year.

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