France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 1


90s Forgotten Records

Jean-Philippe Audin & Diego Modena Ocarina (1991) : 1 290 000

It was good while it lasted. To be fair, the presence of Ocarina here is hardly a surprise as a couple of years after its incredible success everyone had forgot about Audin & Modena already. The album doesn’t even appear to be produced anymore as only old and import records are available. As dead as one can be.

Pow woW Regagner Les Plaines (1992) : 1 270 000

Pretty much in the same way as Ocarina, Pow woW blockbuster Regagner Les Plaines performed strongly on the back of an original concept – the album is 100% vocal, a la Pentatonix – that quickly turned out of fashion. The only positive point for it is that the album is French, thus appearing at times on some nostalgia TV shows.

Mariah Carey Music Box (1993) : 1 290 000

Here comes a specific case. As popular as All I Want For Christmas Is You may be every Christmas, Mariah Carey seems very long gone in the eye of French public. Her last album debuted at #26 and by her third week was out of the Top 200 despite a release at summer time with no competition. She still has a fanbase in the US, but certainly not in France, and even less people interested on her back catalog studio albums.

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