France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 2


A couple of days ago, I posted the list of 23 albums which appear to be completely forgotten among the 168 albums that ever sold over a million copies in France. Today, we reach the second part of this extensive update, listing 28 more albums that are selling poorly but still not quite nothing.

Albums from the first batch will require 5 years or more to shift the 5,000 units needed to upgrade their tally to the next rounded figure. Albums from today are selling a bit more, enough copies to increase their rounded total every 2 to 5 years as they are currently moving 1,000+ units per year. Several of those records used to sell much more copies a few years back only, thus being currently in a dying stage. They are listed per decade from oldest to youngest, starting with the 70s.

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Innocent Eyes

Thank you for updating your million selling albums list.

The biggest surprise is Les Dix Commandements album selling less than Romeo et Juliette’s. I thought that recurrent airplay and use of L’envie d’aimer would enable the former album to get more catalogue sales. Moreover it feels like there’s nothing left known from Roméo et Juliette these days.

Second surprise is poor catalogue sales of De Palmas’ album as some of its singles are getting fairly strong airplay on AC radios.

Looking forward to the rest of your update.


this is a very interesting series (i love all your series!!). i am surprised mostly so far in those 2 articles about Hallyday’s album, but many of the others mentioned, especially the english albums come as no surprise.


Madonna <3