France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 1

the nostalgic's laundry day (brescia, italy)

80s Forgotten Records

Julio Iglesias Sentimental (1980) : 1 030 000

Well, if A Vous Les Femmes is dead, Sentimental is even worse. Floating around the ranking 50,000 on, which represents abysmal movement, the album will likely never ever add 5,000 units.

Michel Sardou Les Lacs Du Connemara (1981) : 1 130 000

Possibly his best catalog seller among his deep catalog records, Les Lacs Du Connemara is still selling very poorly due to heavy competition from compilations.

François Feldman Une Présence (1989) : 1 240 000

An unstoppable selling machine from 1989 to 1993 almost constantly sitting inside the Top 50 with at least one album, Top 10 more often than not, François Feldman suffered an insane backlash that removed him from the memory of everybody. The two albums he issued during the last 20 years peaked at #65 and #132 respectively for a combined 5 weeks charted. As for catalog sales, even his Two Feldman compilation is dead for long, let alone studio albums.

Roch Voisine Hélène (1989) : 1 400 000

Often mocked due to his immense popularity among a female audience, especially the youngest ones, Roch Voisine is still able to pull some relevant numbers with his new efforts. His last record from 2013 Duophonique peaked at a solid #9 position. He is not the kind of artists moving units of his catalog albums though and Hélène is nowhere near the top of the rankings.

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