France Album Sales: Radiohead

Amnesiac (2001) Era

Only eight months after Kid A, Radiohead came back in June 2001 with Amnesiac. The closeness between release dates is explained by the fact both sets came out from the same recording sessions a Amnesiac is pretty much the brother of its predecessor.

In France, the album debuted at #2 since it was issued at the same time of Manu Chao heavily anticipated Proxima Estacion Esperanza. Singles Pyramid Song (#19) and Knives Out (#46) had little airtime on radio, as a result the album failed to achieve a much longer run than Kid A. It sold 165,000 units in 2001 still. The short run is in part explained by I Might Be Wrong live album that was issued in November 2011, only five months after Amnesiac release and contained hits from both albums. It debuted at #14 and sold 35,000 units after a few months.

Just like Kid A, this album gained very high ratings in later years and is still selling well. OK Computer had become the flagship of their catalog as it re-entered at #128 the week of Amnesiac release.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Pyramid Song – 8,657,000
  2. I Might Be Wrong – 4,756,000
  3. Knives Out – 4,585,000

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