France Album Sales: Radiohead

Kid A (2000) Era

With their commercial breakthrough behind them, Radiohead got their first #1 with Kid A that debuted at the summit in October 2000, dislodging Madonna‘s Music.

The album had a very atypical trajectory. In fact, no promotion or whatsoever were released at all. It was the first sign of Radiohead running away from the music industry, which makes its debut ahead of Madonna quite an irony. The lack of singles concluded on a fast drop out of charts with only five weeks Top 40, but it was enough to register 140,000 sales for the year.

In later years, Kid A gained traction among critics with its ratings climbing as years were passing, making it a pretty decent catalog seller as of now.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Everything In Its Right Place – 15,797,000
  2. Idioteque – 9,858,000
  3. How To Disappear Completely – 7,836,000

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