France Album Sales: Radiohead

Pablo Honey (1993) Era

The song Creep was first released in 1992 but it pretty much flopped, peaking at #78 in their native UK. Re-released in 1993, it became a much bigger hit, peaking at #7 and reaching the Top 10 of several countries. In France yet the track still failed to make an impact.

It took until the release of Cyclo movie in late 1995, already after their second album was released, that Creep became a hit in France as it was used in the soundtrack of hit. The song was the first Radiohead chart entry in France, peaking at #17 in January 1996. During all those years Pablo Honey never appeared on charts but still was selling some copies all along, first with the initial plays of Creep, second with the boost on The Bends 1995 release and third with this unexpected 1996 Creep re-run. Sales of this album are estimated on 50,000 up to the end of that latter year.

In late 1994, the EP My Iron Lung was released. With eight songs and a run time of 28 minutes I do classify this record as an album. It got unnoticed upon release.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Creep – 124,592,000
  2. You – 2,656,000
  3. Anyone Can Play Guitar – 2,650,000

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