CSPC: Linkin Park Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 2

CSPC Linkin Park streaming details 2

The norm is that catalog sales increase differences between the original success or not of albums. Successful albums only get bigger thanks to this, while lower sellers sell even less proportionally when they turn catalog. This is pretty normal given lower sellers often have a lot of fan-base generated sales, while the true big breakthroughs had sizable hits on radio which will last far longer.

Minutes To Midnight completely reverses this trend. In pure album sales it moved barely 37,5% of Hybrid Theory’s sales units, however in streams it achieves nearly 60% of its results. This notable showing brings 464,000 equivalent album sales. A Thousand Suns has no song over 26 million, nevertheless solid streams from all tracks conclude on 189,000 equivalent album sales.

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