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'History of the Eagles, Part One': Film Review

Physical Singles Sales – Part 1

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 3 ratio between one album and one physical single.

Eagles (1972) – 411,000 equivalent albums

Take It easy – 450,000
Witchy Woman – 550,000
Peaceful Easy Feeling – 360,000
Chug All Night – 10,000

Desperado (1973) – 114,000 equivalent albums

Tequila Surprise – 210,000
Outlaw Man – 170,000

On The Border (1974) – 455,000 equivalent albums

Already Gone – 300,000
James Dean – 120,000
Best Of My Love – 1,090,000
My Man – 5,000

One Of These Nights (1975) – 930,000 equivalent albums

One Of These Nights – 1,140,000
Lyin’ Eyes – 930,000
Take It To The Limits – 1,030,000

Singles-wise the Eagles started fairly strong with Take It Easy, Witchy Woman and Peaceful Easy Feeling peaking at #12, #9 and #22 respectively in the US. It wasn’t enough to push their parent album into the Top 10 but that enabled them to make a dent inside radio playlists. They sold a combined 1,36 million units.

The era of Desperado was much weaker as both Tequila Surprise and Outlaw Man failed to reach the Top 50. The following era started poorly too as Already Gone peaked at #32 while James Dean wasn’t able to go higher than #77. These statistics refer to the US only as they were completely failing to chart elsewhere. It wasn’t the end of the road for the band though, Best Of My Love, the last single from On The Border, came out in late 1974. The climb of the song was slow as it needed 5 weeks to reach the Top 40, but it continued improving week after week until peaking at #1 and eventually selling over 1 million units.

This pivotal success raised the standards of the band. Their next era saw One Of These Nights hit #1 too while Lyin’ Eyes and Take It To The Limit reached #2 and #4 respectively. All of them sold around 1 million units. Their new status also enabled them to be promoted in the UK where One Of These Nights became their first charted single peaking at #23. Lyin’ Eyes reproduced the same showing while Take It To The Limit went to #12. The band was ready to battle for more though…

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