CSPC: Meat Loaf Popularity Analysis

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Page 4: Original Album Sales – Bat Out of Hell (1977)
Page 5: Original Album Sales – Dead Ringer (1981)
Page 6: Original Album Sales – Midnight at the Lost and Found (1983)
Page 7: Original Album Sales – Bad Attitude (1984)
Page 8: Original Album Sales – Blind Before I Stop (1986)
Page 9: Original Album Sales – Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell (1993)
Page 10: Original Album Sales – Welcome to the Neighbourhood (1995)
Page 11: Original Album Sales – Couldn’t Have Said It Better (2003)
Page 12: Original Album Sales – Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose (2006)
Page 13: Original Album Sales – Hang Cool Teddy Bear (2010)
Page 14: Original Album Sales – Hell in a Handbasket (2011)
Page 15: Original Album Sales – Braver Than We Are (2016)
Page 16: Original Album Sales – Comments
Page 17: Physical Singles Sales
Page 18: Digital Singles Sales
Page 19: Streaming Sales – Part 1
Page 20: Streaming Sales – Part 2
Page 21: Streaming Sales – Part 3
Page 22: Streaming Sales – Part 4
Page 23: Streaming Sales – Part 5
Page 24: Remaining Long Format – Explanations
Page 25: Remaining Long Format – Compilations – Part 1
Page 26: Remaining Long Format – Compilations – Part 2
Page 27: Remaining Long Format – Compilations – Part 3
Page 28: Remaining Long Format – Summary
Page 29: BONUS: Total Album (all types) Sales per Country
Page 30: CSPC Results
Page 31: Biggest Tracks
Page 32: Achievements

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Thomas Christiansen

RIP Meat! Here’s a look at some Spotify figures for his hits/albums. Meat Loaf’s discography hasn’t survived the streaming age well. His biggest album is obviously his debut smash “Bat Out of Hell”, but even that one has rather disappointing streaming figures. The raw figure for the BOOH album is 269.2M plays – far from the 500M mark to make it to the list of big streaming albums of 1977. A list led by “Rumours” with a whopping 3032.8M plays! Anyway, all told (incl. live vers. etc) here are the figures for the 7 tracks on his iconic debut: 2… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Thomas Christiansen

I was chatting with him privately, a few months ago, about something similar. My point was that the popularity of Don’t Stop Me Now, nowadays is not the same as it was back in the day (70s, 80s and 90s). It only became such a favourite and their 2nd most popular track, sometime in the 00s. I wouldn’t say it was a forgotten about track but so many of their other songs, were clearly and evidently more popular, more well known, more talked about, more played etc. IMO it gets a greater share of comps sales than it should, because… Read more »

Thomas Christiansen

Makes sense, thanks!

Tom Riise


Joe Guerrino

Now that you did Meatloaf how about doing Credence? C’mon guys everybody would love to see Credence!