CSPC: Paul Simon Popularity Analysis

Part 2 – Compilations – Paul Simon from a Songwriter view

Through the years, several Anthology-like compilations have been released. These packages focus on Paul Simon as a songwriter, meaning they include stuff from Simon & Garfunkel too. Since the duet has the most popular songs, they routinely fueled about 60% of these packages, which is why their percentages and sales displayed here do not add for 100%. The remaining sales will be assigned to Simon & Garfunkel‘s album.

Patterns of sales distribution remain identical to the previous table with Graceland leading the way, except that as mentioned numbers only total to about 40%.

Following sets are credited to Simon & Garfunkel or Art Garfunkel, but include at least one song which is prominently a Paul Simon song, most of the time the title concerned is My Little Town. As the song has a very minor spot into these compilations, its share is minimal.

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S&G are well above Paul Simon in solo. Their sales are probably in the 120-140 million range, at the minimum ! We’ll see “Late in the evening”….


Honestly, quite underwhelming. And i doubt Simon and Garfunkel did any better.

Nuclear dolphin

Simon and Garfunkel did loads more! They were massive, biggest selling 60s artists after The Beatles I’d say!


Yep, looks like you were right.


Ok MJD. I didn’t pay attention to Santana because I thought you were only talking about solo artists and not about bands… And Cher neither. Seeing her face, I couldn’t imagine she was more old than 25 when she released Believe (lol)…

Nuclear dolphin

Oh please let’s have Simon and Garfunkel! 😊


Not bad


Never a big fan of simon………..but he has his place. Fav song is “kodachrome” and from
SandG “So long frank loyd wright”


I’m wondering what are the 2 most successful albums ever by an artist aged 45 or more ?… I’ve failed to find one. Eric Clapton’s Unplugged is a live album, so it can’be this one, I suppose… Very puzzling !

Nuclear dolphin

I’d say Pink Floyd – The Division bell.

Nuclear dolphin

Actually forget I said that..


I wonder if a Simon & Garfunkel article is coming next?


Thanks, thanks and thanks ! I was hoping this one since many months !