CSPC: Avril Lavigne Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 2

Girlfriend has 68 million streams on Spotify. While this isn’t low for a 2007 song, it isn’t as big as we may of thought. The monster YouTube figure of nearly 500 million confirms she suffers from the weakness of a lack of Spotify in the Asian continent. When You’re Gone is close behind with 59 million audio streams, while 3 more tracks are over 10 million. The album has sold 354,000 units via streaming.

Goodbye Lullaby may have been weaker upon release, but it is nearly as high at 341,000 equivalent album sales. It is powered by heavy YouTube views at more than 1,2 billion but it also has a complete list of songs over 5 million on Spotify. What the Hell and Wish You Were Here break 100 million cumulatively.

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Has under my skin surpassed 10M? (If there were an update)


Replace love sux with the deluxe please


Update her sales pls, she has released 2 albums since 2018



Could you replace Love Sux with the deluxe edition? Thanks in advance!



would you mind looking into it? 🙂


Please update Avril Lavigne’s data! It has been around 4 years with no updates of her albums/sales, and considering she has released 2 more albums that have not been included in this whole data… Please! Thank you for the current data, at the same time, we all fans would love to see more updated data.


Please update


What’s wrong with this place? First, they took sales away from P! Nk and now they took 1 million from Avril Lavigne ??? With what credibility do they want to be seen if they even have the albums Head Above Water and Love Sux changed places, they don’t update their sales to the letter. The sales they show for Head Above Water are the same as they did in 2019 as if they had removed the album from everywhere after 2019. Correct your mistakes. 1 month ago Let Go had 20.5 million and now 19.3? This is a fraud and… Read more »


Let go went from 20.5M to 19.3M out of nowhere, also she deserves an update it’s been 4 years and she dropped two albums since then


Why did let go decrease by over 1M sales?


Can we get an update please? She’s dropped two new albums


Hi pls update us for “Head Above Water” album sales Worldwide and every countries thanks.


Yes please update us on Avril Lavigne sales!!! Thank you in advance!