CSPC: Cher Popularity Analysis

Cher recogerá el Premio Honorífico a su Trayectoria en la gala de los Premios 40 Principales

We are used to being reminded how Britney Spears was still a child when Madonna was already topping the charts. In August 1965, when the Queen of Pop was going to turn 7 years old, Cher was leading the US Hot 100 ahead of Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones and until being topped by the BeatlesYesterday. I Got You Babe, her duet with former husband Sonny Bono was the third 

longest #1 of the year precisely behind those two monstrous hits.

Since that early breakthrough, Cher faced an extensive run of flops and successes. She was never the biggest pop star on Earth a la Madonna or Celine Dion, but she undoubtedly accumulated record sales all along a never ending road. Impressively, she managed various stunning come backs, most notably the 1998 smash Believe. With 6 studio albums with Sonny, 25 solo LPs, various Soundtracks, countless compilations and tons of singles, her catalog is much deeper than just Believe though. How many records has the godmother of all divas sold? How is her catalog performing nowadays? How does she stand in comparison to the other household female singers names?

As usual, I’ll be using the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept in order to relevantly gauge her results. This concept will not only bring you sales information for all Cher‘s albums, physical and download singles, as well as audio and video streaming, but it will also determine their true popularity. If you are not yet familiar with the CSPC method, the next page explains it with a short video. I fully recommend watching the video before getting into the sales figures. Of course, if you are a regular visitor feel free to skip the video and get into the figures.

Let’s go!

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Now im now th reason why Cher HATES Madonna…


Even a “flop” era like Erotica or American Life managed to outsell Cher’s so called “successful” albums in regular form (Erotica sold almost 7 million vs Heart of Stone only selling 6 million). Heck, even Rebel Heart and MDNA have outsold all of her records sans Believe, Look at us, Heart of Stone, Love Hurts and the 1987 self titled release.


Also, MJD, when you estimate album sales for artists, which ones do you find the most difficult to estimate: successful albums that sold well in numerous places, or flops with near to 0 information found? I assume the former is challenging due to having to estimate more sales in more countries, but the latter is also quite difficult as you can’t make up a random number for it, even when it flopped so much that no information can be found for its sales.


Nice work guys! Some postive comments: -It’s quite interesting to see that Cher had her first “huge” album in 1989 with Heart and Stone, so deep into her career and in her 40’s, as well as experiencing her peak at the age of 52! -Believe (song) sold much more than I imagined! It’s impressive that the song sold 7m copies, being the first song studied from a studio album! Can you tell me how much of that 7m came from Europe, considering that it smashed so hard there. -Believe (album) is also a big seller too, only failing to generate… Read more »


Interesting work. You have Take me Home listed as selling 450K in US. Is that right?


Great work folks! Keep going…

Chrysalynne Lingling

Thanks for your hard work MJD! Amazing article, probably the first/only credible and detailed Cher-related sales compilation out there.

Two questions though:

1) Take Me Home has a gold certification in the US for 1 million copies but it’s only listed as selling 810,000 copies here. How many of that came from the US and why did it fall so short of its certification?

2) You listed 2 Christina songs under the Burlesque digital sales bracket, could you tell us how many copies the 2 Cher songs (Welcome to Burlesque and You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me) have sold?


I don’t see why “Burlesque” should be considered a Cher album when she only has 1 and a half song on it, it’s obviously a Christina record. Actually that was the reason the Grammy didn’t consider Cher when the Burlesque soundtrack was nominated for Best Compilation Soundtrack. It’s all about Christina. If you don’t agree, you can check the streaming. Christina’s songs are much bigger than Cher’s.


Cher only became relevant because of “Believe”

marcus andre

I don’t think so. Her album Heart of Stone sold 6 million copies worldwide, that’s a great number, don’t you think?! And she had 4 Gold singles (1 million copies each) in the 70s too.


Honestly speaking, no. So many music artists have sold more than 10 million copies for one album. Selling more than 6 million is good unless it was released today.

Only Believe made her relevant to music.


True… but she’s a good artist.


She was a national treasure on American TV, she had her own show. She sold well enough, everyone knew who she was before Believe.
Believe just came at the right time and became her biggest hit. Keep telling yourself that but you’re obviously wrong. 😂 do you not remember ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’?

Marcus André

Wow! 80 pages of great work! Thank you guys! Some fans had said that her album Cher, was missing a cert by RIAA, but it’s not near that… I’m surprised that Believe almost reach a platinum cert here in Brasil, só happy to read that! Thank you!

Bobby Radmore



Great work!

How flops she have! Really she had good combacks? I don’t think so!

She thinks she have a great legacy…


Keep it cute Mat


She haves more flops than HITS… sorry…


She also has an Academy Award for Best Actress, something divas far ahead of her in record sales could only dream of. Cher remains a living legend.


Yeah but her music carrer is a flop 🙁


do you jnow Barbra?


what does her academy award have to do with her MUSIC career and with the fact that 96% of her albums were huge flops?


You’re very uneducated. This album did well in Europe, she’s never sold as high as Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga or Madonna anyway. But this isn’t bad. You’re more dyslexic than Cher, go home!


Cher is one of the biggest female icons, and she DID accumulate more than 100 million records in sales during her career, so that’s that. Plus, she is one of the most successful female touring artists in the last 30 years as stated by Billboard.

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