CSPC: Black Eyed Peas Popularity Analysis

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Original Album Sales – Comments

1998 Behind the Front – 700,000
2000 Bridging the Gap – 700,000
2003 Elephunk – 9,500,000
2005 Monkey Business – 10,300,000
2009 The E.N.D. – 9,050,000
2010 The Beginning – 3,100,000

From well under a million copies a piece to more than 9 million on average!, sales of albums by the Black Eyed Peas truly rocketed with the release of Elephunk. This new found success saw both Behind The Front and Bridging The Gap see their sales increase, with their original sales plateauing around a quarter of a million.

In spite of several notable hits, Elephunk‘s own sales rose slowly. Suffering from an initial lack of credibility that always damages these kind of acts, this era turned out to be very successful thanks to an impressive string of hits that we will list during the next pages.

Monkey Business and The E.N.D. started with relatively low debuts too considering their predecessor(s) sales. Both also contained a handful of iconic tunes. At 10,3 million and 9,05 million copies respectively, their totals are all the more impressive with the album market collapsing due to the boom of download sales.

The Beginning is disappointing at 3,1 million units, although not as tragic as expected when it debuted at #25 in Italy, #50 in the Netherlands and #58 in Sweden. Obviously, this doesn’t tell the whole story as the group was one of the major forces of the digital market when it started to grow. The following sections will factor in those additional sales to define better the real success of The Beginning.

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I have guessed right that Black Eyes Peas were next. Love the band and their songs. I hope they release an album again. I really love their songs.

And wow, My Heart Will Go On is the biggest song. Celibe Dion rules! 🙂


Lady Gaga sold 45 million albums now, but, with your new method, will she bigger than Black eyed peas??


Hey MJD, waiting for Ariana Grande 🙂


Fantastic analysis. Thanks for providing the list of songs and albums, besides CPS all time artists.
One comment: there’s a mistake in the “achievements” page where it says the streak of 26 consecutive weeks at #1 in Billboard Hot 100. It’s only because of 2 songs (Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling). “Meet Me Halfway” never reached the top position.


Your data is amazing and impressively precise. I would like to know if you could post the Popularity Concept of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead.


Thank You. This is one that I’ve been looking forward to the most. The had so much success with Elephunk, Monkey Business, and The End.

Also Kinda OT, but I Gotta Feeling’s massive numbers have me wondering, were there any other songs that outside it in digital single sales?


From what I know, it is the best-selling digital song of all time!


Thank You for this. This is one of the ones I have been looking forward to the most and as I expected, their numbers are very impressive. Especially for the Elephunk/Monkey Business/END eras.

This is kinda OT, but after seeing those massive numbers for I Gotta Feeling I started wondering, were there any other songs bigger than it in digital single sales?