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The list of most successful songs is compiled in album equivalent sales generated by each of them. It includes the song’s own physical singles sales with a 0,3 weighting, its download and streaming sales, and with appropriate weighting too, plus its share among sales of all albums on which it is featured.

1 1991 – Smells Like Teen Spirit [Nevermind] – 17,330,000
2 1991 – Come As You Are [Nevermind] – 13,880,000
3 1993 – Heart-Shaped Box [In Utero] – 5,910,000
4 1991 – Lithium [Nevermind] – 5,830,000
5 1989 – About A Girl [Bleach] – 5,180,000
6 1991 – Polly [Nevermind] – 4,310,000
7 1993 – All Apologies [In Utero] – 3,440,000
8 1994 – The Man Who Sold The World [Orphan] – 2,710,000
9 1993 – Rape Me [In Utero] – 2,550,000
10 1991 – In Bloom [Nevermind] – 2,480,000
11 1993 – Dumb [In Utero] – 2,460,000
12 1991 – Something In The Way [Nevermind] – 2,010,000
13 1993 – Pennyroyal Tea [In Utero] – 1,680,000
14 1994 – Where Did You Sleep Last Night [Orphan] – 1,490,000
15 1991 – On A Plain [Nevermind] – 1,320,000

If you feel inspired by this list, we just created this CSPC Nirvana playlist on Spotify!

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Thomas Christiansen

Is there SOMETHING IN THE WAY?!!! This year the Nirvana classic got hyped by the new Batman movie. It set the perfect soundtrack to the moody feeling of the movie. And a whole new audience was introduced to Nirvana. See how “Something” has climbed the Nevermind ranking this year. Top 6 Nevermind tracks on Spotify as of jan. 1st 2022: 1 Smells Like Teen Spirit – 1,178.4M 2 Come As You Are – 793.4M 3 Lithium – 380.4M 4 In Bloom – 194.4M 5 Polly – 133.3M 6 Something in the Way – 125.8M Top 6 Nevermind tracks on Spotify… Read more »


Also, Nevermind’s least streamed song (On A Plain) just reached 50m streams, the only pre-2000 album with more streams being of course Dark Side Of The Moon (76m).


Actually I can’t think of a pre-2010 album with its least streamed song at 50m+, there’s definitely one in 2010 (Kanye’s Twisted Fantasy, 65m).


Hello, MJD.

Is there a similar glitch present on some tracks on ‘Wish You Were Here’?

I seem to recall the album being around 34 million EAS a short time ago but it now seems to be registering a million or so fewer than this?


Yes same issue and The Wall, think maybe same happens to MJs Off The Wall as well, as its daily streams are quite different some days.


streams of WYWH, the song got split into 2 versions recently. The one on the album we use for CSPC went down to 169m. I recently switched it to a version that have the 538m version plus a few live takes for the streaming ranking. But it hasn’t been fixed for CSPC yet.


I mentioned it above actually, also I would say 76m because Eclipse isn’t quite a “song” imo, my definition would be at least 2 minutes long tracks (Eclipse lasts over 2min but the last 40sec are essentially blank).

Thomas Christiansen

Yes, now there seems to be a playable 1:54 min. 2011 remastered version with 21.469.766 plays.
And a non-playable 2:10 version with 61.708.535 plays.
I suspect the former number used to be included in the latter. We probably shouldn’t combine the two for at total of 83M+

Tricky. In other cases I would have combined the figures without hesitation!!


hello MJDangerous, what happend to Streaming statistics?
8,960,000? diminished now?