CSPC: Aaliyah Popularity Analysis

try again

Physical Singles Sales

The market of physical singles was still quite healthy during the mid-90s in the US. Aaliyah hits from that period perfectly benefited from that background with 2 songs each selling upwards of half a million units there, although sales abroad were fairly low.

Getting into the 00s at the top of the game, her independent label Blackground wasn’t releasing all her songs as physical singles to improve album sales. Thus, the artist’s biggest hit Try Again wasn’t available on CD in the US, even becoming the first Hot 100 #1 ever on the back of radio airplay only. The song still sold past 1 million units thanks to solid success across Europe.

The discography total is up to 6,35 million units sold in this format.

Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number (1994) – 480,000 equivalent albums

Back & Forth – 850,000
Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number – 100,000
Down with the Clique – 50,000
At Your Best (You Are Love) – 550,000
The Thing I Like – 50,000

One in a Million (1996) – 630,000 equivalent albums

If Your Girl Only Knew – 800,000
Got to Give It Up – 25,000
4 Page Letter – 50,000
The One I Gave My Heart To – 1,200,000
Come Over – 25,000

Aaliyah (2001) – 188,000 equivalent albums

We Need a Resolution – 125,000
Rock the Boat – 100,000
More Than a Woman – 400,000

Orphan – 608,000 equivalent albums

Try Again – 1,100,000
Don’t Know What to Tell Ya – 100,000
Miss You – 250,000
Are You That Somebody? – 350,000
Journey at the Past – 50,000
I Need You Tonight – 75,000
Remaining Singles – 100,000

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Aaliyah’s CSPC figures for each of her albums are nowhere to be found. Could somebody please add them again given that her albums are finally available on streaming platforms?

jens gad

hello there! great page!! would it be possible to give me accurate album sales figures for the enigma 2 albums “the screen behind the mirror” and “voyageur” thank you!!!! jens gad

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