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Ever wanted be the first to spot legacy songs going viral thanks to TikTok or a new media exposure? We have great news for you! Our trending songs detector here identifies tracks suddenly growing faster than they used to. And it’s updated everyday.

Trending songs – Results

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Trending songs – How it works

Want to better understand how this top works? Here are a few things you need to know:

We scan hundreds of thousands of tracks every day. This allows us to value how much a track is supposed to increase day after day, compared to others released at about the same time.

This page lists tracks outperforming their expected pace by at least 50%. The pace column then shows 150% or more. If a song has a pace of, say, 400%, then it’s getting 4 times more streams daily than its organic strength would suggest.

Only tracks over 3 years old are displayed. Indeed, more recent ones still have no clear pattern of their organic strength, they can still be looking for exposure.

Naturally, 5 or 10 years old tracks are more numerous there. Their artist is still active and TikTok users are more likely to pic these for their new videos. For songs prior to 2000, when their pace is 150% or more, there’s clearly something happening for them, and their organic strength may be changing.

A technical limitation though: the script relies on the release year of the record where a track is available. So if a 80s song’s main version comes from a 2005 compilation, it will appear as a 2005 track.

You can select either international songs or local ones. There are no merged list as patterns differ too much from one country to another.

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