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Among Spotify records, one of the hardest to take is the most streamed debut album in a country. Back in 2017, Ed Sheeran destroyed former bests in plenty of countries with Divide, just like Drake who shattered these scores with Scorpion a year later.

As the platform grew, local markets started making more and more money as well, developping their own music scene. Only a few years later, local stars now lead the ranking in most countries around the World.

Drake, Bad Bunny, Ed Sheeran, Blackpink, Capital Bra, BTS, etc, what’s safe is that getting the #1 debut album in a country requires to be immensely popular on it.

This page presents two views, by country and by artist. The former will show you the largest debuts of all-time in a country, while the latter displays for an artist the streams and the rank of his albums among all-time lists when they performed well enough.

The methodology is simple, album streams are defined as the total number of streams from its tracks. A debut refers to the first week of release. Numbers reflect filtered streams in the same way as It means that streams rated as non-organic by Spotify are excluded.

When the tracklist of an album isn’t entirely charted inside the weekly top 200, remaining tracks are estimated thanks to their relative strength during the first days. Omissions will be rare but they can happen. If you notice an album which should be added, please let us know using the comments.

For some albums, the original version has been deleted by Spotify, with only more extensive releases available. This impacts the average per track which may be deflated in these cases unless we explicitely spotted and fixed it.

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can you guys add proof by bts @AI


Hi nnvu!

Compilations aren’t included here as they include mainly tracks from previous releases.


oh but they released it as anthology does it make any difference or it just a name


An Anthology album still a type of compilation, and this one mainly consists of old tracks too.


understood thanks for replying

melika ksj

Please add Grey Suit album from suho , this album earned 711,906 k followers on Spotify in first day .


Bad Bunny taking the top spot with 618 million streams! insane


add lana del rey’s, kali uchis’s, rosalia’s, cazzu’s, and marina’s debut on spotify pls !!


Future and Bad Bunny are missing


Hi JFree!

Future is already added. You’ll have to wait until friday for Bad Bunny.

Last edited 3 months ago by Al

#4: Red TV

#10: Folklore


Madison beer – life support???

Irma Hernández

Christian nodal???


Ayayay! is added for Mexico at just over 8m


Can you add Madison beer she has 2 projects out on Spotify; “life support” and “as she pleases”

melika ksj

Can you add suho from EXO , he earned 711,906 K streams on Spotify for ” Grey Suit ” album


Not sure where you got this info from, but it’s false if you’re referring to Korean streams. None of the songs charted there.

melika ksj

Yes , I made a mistake

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