CSPC: Green Day Popularity Analysis

Green Day

Digital Singles Sales

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 1,5 ratio between one album and one digital single.

Download Singles Sales – Part 1
39/Smooth (1990) – 30,000 equivalent albums

Remaining tracks – 200,000

Kerplunk (1991) – 60,000 equivalent albums

Remaining tracks – 400,000

Dookie (1994) – 1,020,000 equivalent albums

Longview – 400,000
Welcome to Paradise – 600,000
Basket Case – 3,300,000
She – 300,000
When I Come Around – 1,600,000
Remaining tracks – 600,000

Insomniac (1995) – 120,000 equivalent albums

Brain Stew – 400,000
Remaining tracks – 400,000

If some still doubt the monster status of Dookie among Green Day‘s earlier albums, here are some more figures establishing its status. Tracks from 39/Smooth, Kerplunk and Insomniac haven’t sold much in download singles format, with sales standing at just 1,4 million. However, it’s a totally different story for hits from Dookie which combine for 6,8 million units sold. The biggest song from the album is easily Basket Case which is responsible for nearly half of that total.

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