CSPC: Grease Popularity Analysis


Digital Singles Sales

I won’t lie, I do not have more information about Grease singles in digital formats than you. Luckily for us, streaming comes to help us. Although this ratio is changing every day with streaming now increasing much faster than download sales, up to August 2016 a deep catalog Pop hit will have a ratio of about 20 between both formats, e.g. 1 million downloads worldwide for every 20 million streams as shown on Spotify. Album tracks on average have a higher ratio at around 30. In fact, people will rarely specifically download an album track, while they may stream it simply because they have stream the hits and let the album tracklist play continue.

Both ratios applied to Grease Spotify results equal to 6,34 million singles downloaded, with You’re The One That I Want unsurprisingly coming at the top with over 1,8 million. Summer Nights is a distant second at an estimated 900,000 units. In terms of albums equivalent, with a 10 to 1 weighting, those download sales are on par with 951,000 albums sold.

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