CSPC: Enya Popularity Analysis


Records & Achievements

  • At 86,457,000 equivalent album sales, Enya is the most successful New Age artist of all-time.
  • Shepherd Moons spent 238 weeks inside the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart.
  • Watermark spent 141 weeks inside the Top 10 of the Billboard Top Catalog Album Chart.
  • From 1989 to 1995, Watermark reached the Australian Top 25 Album Chart in 5 distinct years.
  • At 86,457,000 equivalent album sales, Enya is the most successful non-North American female artist of all-time.
  • Enya is one of the rare international artists with 3 million selling albums in Japan, one of which is past 2 million.
  • Enya owns albums with sales over half a million units in various markets difficult to break like Brazil, Italy and Spain.
  • At 12 years (1988-2000), Enya has the longest period among all female artists of consecutive major albums selling over 10 million units. Among all artists only Michael Jackson did better at 16 years (1979-1995).
  • At 19,336,000 equivalent album sales, Watermark is among the three most successful albums from 1988.
  • At 9,340,000 equivalent album sales, Orinoco Flow is among the three most successful songs from 1988.
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