CSPC: Enya Popularity Analysis


Original Album Sales – Comments

1987 Enya (The Celts) – 6,190,000
1988 Watermark – 13,130,000
1991 Shepherd Moons – 13,270,000
1995 The Memory of Trees – 10,030,000
2000 A Day Without Rain – 14,430,000
2005 Amarantine – 4,760,000
2008 And Winter Came… – 2,710,000
2015 Dark Sky Island – 960,000

Over 65 million pure albums sold with only 8 proper studio releases is a fantastic amount, even more so when we consider all the elements mentioned in the intro. An average of 8 million per title speaks volumes for her appeal and is more than enough to explain her popularity.

Enya has 4 studio albums above the 10 million mark, with A Day Without Rain topping that pack at 14,4 million, closely followed by Sheperd Moons with 13,2 million and Watermark with 13,1 million, plus The Memory Of Trees at 10 million.

Her debut album also amassed a great total with almost 6,2 million, whilst some of her most recent efforts, reasonably big considering the market’s size, although much less than in the past even adjusting for that factor, showed a smaller sales power. Yet Amarantine at 4,8 million along with And Winter Came… at 2,7 million registered excellent tallies.

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