Van Halen albums and songs sales

CSPC Van Halen Albums and Songs cover

A top frontman and a legendary guitarist shot Van Halen among the best selling American bands of all-time.

The latter, Eddie Van Halen, passed away on October this year from cancer at the age of 65.

Our best way to pay tribute to this iconic band is to study their sales figures in detail, which happen to be very impressive.

The story of the band starts with two brothers, Eddie and Alex Van Halen. Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, they moved to Pasadena, US, when they were 7 and 8, respectively.

Growing with a father that was a professional musician, they learned playing instruments at a young age. Eddie would go on becoming a guitarist, while Alex elected drums.

From early 70s they tried to form rock bands. In 1974, bassist Michael Anthony and lead singer David Lee Roth completed Van Halen.

After years of local concerts, they were signed by Warner Bros in 1977. Early 1978, their debut and eponymous album was out.

The LP climbed to #19 in the US while remaining on charts for over 3 years. It remained a perennial seller, climbing all the way to Diamond status in the US, certifying 10 million sales there.

It was the beginning of a success story that lasted 20 years. In many places though, they are still seen as a one-hit-wonder because of the mammoth smash hit Jump.

It leads us to wonder what is the real success of the band, and how many units they moved through the years.

As usual, I’ll be using the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept in order to relevantly gauge their results. This concept will not only bring you sales information for all Van Halen‘s albums, physical and download singles, as well as audio and video streaming. In fact, it will also determine their true popularity.

If you are not yet familiar with the CSPC method, below is a nice and short video of explanations. I fully recommend watching it before getting into the sales figures. Of course, if you are a regular visitor feel free to skip the video and get into the numbers directly.

The Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept (CSPC)

There are two ways to understand this revolutionary concept. The first is the Scribe video posted below. If you are unaware of the CSPC method, you will get the full idea within just a few minutes.

If you are a mathematical person, and want to know the full method as well as formulas, you can read the full introduction article.

Now let’s get into the artist’s sales figures in detail in order to apply this concept and define the act’s true popularity!

Van Halen Album Sales

CSPC Van Halen Albums Sales Breakdown

Original Album Sales – Comments

CSPC Van Halen Album Sales List

It’s no secret that Van Halen best market is the US where they have been routinely selling from 70% to 75% of their global units, except from Balance onwards.

Their sales are remarkable yet. After a huge debut, which stands at over 15.5 million to date, their success was lower and lower but still healthy up to Fair Warning.

Diver Down was a nice increase in the US at 4.4 million against 2.8 million for its predecessor, it was also their 5th album in a row to reach multi-platinum in the country.

The real explosion came a couple of years later though with 1984.

Back then, Eddie Van Halen was already a legend. From the very first album, he popularized the tapping technique with the instrumental Eruption. Rock fans were well aware of his talent.

In 1983, he was responsible for another iconic guitar solo, the monumental one from Michael Jackson‘s Beat It, that made him popular among a broader audience.

Ironically, a year later he provided Van Halen their biggest global hit thanks to synthesizers. Jump was born.

The track fueled the LP 1984 to massive sales. It was their second US Diamond album, with global sales hitting 15.4 million.

Conflicts between the two stars of the band, Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth, were ever stronger. It led the latter to quit the band after this super successful era.

Confirmed singer Sammy Hagar replaced him. He had 11 US top 200 studio albums on his resume back then, although he was no superstar either.

The new version of the band continued to be incredibly successful, with 4 consecutive #1 albums in the US, with combined global sales of over 23 million.

Sales-wise, Van Halen repeated with albums 6-10 the exact same pattern as with albums 1-5. With 10 consecutive multi-platinum albums that spanned 17 years, their longevity was unbelievable.

More conflicts concluded on the departure of Sammy Hagar too.

In reference to their 3rd lead singer, Gary Cherone, their next album was named Van Halen III. This time it hasn’t gone too well though, it was their first flop album with only 1.16 million globale sales.

The highly anticipated reunion with David Lee Roth was not a success either as A Different Kind of Truth failed to reach a million in 2012.

In spite of these false notes, the consistency and overall success of the band has been amazing. They sold nearly 80 million studio albums up to date.

Van Halen songs sales

CSPC - Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept - Physical singles

Physical Singles

CSPC Van Halen Physical Singles Sales

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 3 ratio between albums and digital singles.

Van Halen started their ride inside US charts with a cover of British legends The Kinks, You Really Got Me.

The song was a moderate hit on Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #36. It boosted its parent album incredibly well though.

The same can be said of Runnin’ with the Devil which peaked at a modest #84 position, but went on to become a classic.

Dance The Night Away climbed to #15 but pure sales weren’t too good at under half a million, with next to no sales abroad as well.

The next song of note is Pretty Woman, a #12 US hit, but also their first UK top 50. It sold 830,000 copies.

Obviously seen as an album band, the group issued Jump! which topped the Hot 100 for 4 weeks. It was their true breakthrough internationally, going to #1 in Canada, Italy, and top 10 in the UK, France, Australia, etc.

This global smash shifted 3.1 million units, more than all their previous singles combined.

Panama, I’ll Wait, Hot For Teacher benefited from this success to reach more markets, they sold about half a million each.

Why Can’t This Be Love was another hit, their second US top 10 (#3) and their second global million seller.

The following high point for the band was When It’s Love, #5 in the US with half a million sales in total.

In spite of countless more singles, the strength of Van Halen wasn’t the physical singles format. They moved more than 10 million units during their career with this avenue still.

CSPC - Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept - Download music iTunes Amazon Google Melon

Digital Songs

CSPC Van Halen Digital Singles Sales

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 1.5 ratio between albums and digital singles.

The picture shown by digital singles sales is completely different from the one of physical singles.

It must be said that one of their most popular songs, Eruption, wasn’t even a single in first place. It’s telling to see a 102 seconds instrumental from 1978 moved a million units.

The classic status of the debut era is also revealed by the number of tracks with relevant numbers.

You Really Got Me, Runnin’ with the Devil, Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love, Jamie’s Cryin’, Ice Cream Man are all popular songs to this day.

A couple of mid-range hits belong to each of the next 4 albums, but the real story is on 1984.

Jump! remains easily their most recognized song. It’s the only one with good numbers everywhere, from the US to Japan to Europe to Australia. The track is up to 2.67 million copies.

Panama is the second largest seller at 1.08 million. Hot For Teacher and I’ll Wait sold a million combined, with the latter losing a part of its appeal since his initial success.

You can’t sell millions of albums with each release without sizable hits. Each era has its share of memorable moments.

Why Can’t This Be Love, Dreams and Love Walks In are very decent sellers. Same for When It’s Love from OU812.

From For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, known by fans from its acronym, Right Now is the song holding the best with half a million units.

Can’t Stop Lovin’ You does well too. We can’t say the same about Van Halen III songs which combine for a mere 30,000 copies.

Except one week top 75 at the peak of downloads, Tattoo hasn’t done much noise either.

Career wise, the band stands at 16.8 million downloads and ringtones.

CSPC - Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept - Streaming platforms numbers


Streaming is made up of audio and video streams. Our CSPC methodology includes both to better reflect the real popularity of each track. The main source of data for each avenue is respectively Spotify and YouTube. To factor in the growing impact of multiple Asian countries where these platforms aren’t always the go-to site for music streaming, more sources have been added.

In order to account for their real popularity in each relevant country, the below sources have been used along with the mentioned ratios that reflect the market share of each area.

Audio Streams
– South Korea : Genie streams * 3.05 (consistent with Gaon streaming numbers)
– Japan : AWA streams * 100/5.5 (AWA has 5.5% of the Japanese streaming market)
– Elsewhere : Spotify streams * (370 – 8.5 – 9.5 – 33 – 9) / 207 (370 million global subscribers minus 8.5 million from South Korea minus 9.5 million from Japan minus 33 million from China divided by the number of Spotify only users minus 9 million more Asian users) + Genie streams * 3.05 (uses Genie rather than Spotify to extrapolate markets like Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam)

Video Streams
– China* : Xiami streams * 125/6.5 (Xiami has just over 5% of the Chinese streaming market)
– Elsewhere : Youtube views

*since 96.4% of Chinese streaming platforms are free users, that paid-for users pay less than $2 a month and that they are also used as video streaming platforms, their streams are weighted in par with YouTube streams.

Audio Stream – 1500 plays equal 1 album unit
Video Stream – 11,750 views equal 1 album unit

Equivalent Albums Sales (EAS) = ( Spotify * 310/207 + Genie * 3.05*2 + AWA * 100/5.5 ) / 1500 + ( Xiami * 125/6.5 + YouTube ) / 11750

Top Hits

CSPC Van Halen Top Streaming Hits

Jump is the clear signature song of Van Halen. No matter if you look at Spotify, YouTube, or platforms from Japan, South Korea or China, it’s far and away the leader.

With 416 million Spotify streams and 437,000 EAS in total, it’s simply one of the biggest 80s hits. The kind of scores hard to reproduce.

Panama is a solid runner up at 181,000 EAS, while Runnin’ with the Devil is also comfortably in 6 digits.

A quartet of songs follow with similar numbers, Hot for Teacher, Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love, Eruption and You Really Got Me.

It’s worth noting that the band’s top 7 songs are all from 1984 or Van Halen, which shows one more time that even supposed “album artists” sell thanks to big hits.

Songs 8-10 in their personal top 10 record 50,000-ish EAS, they are the largest successes outside of their big 2.

Why Can’t This Be Love was the follow up to 1984, Can’t Stop Lovin’ You their most global hit after Jump and Dance the Night Away the strongest track from their sophomore effort.

Below the top 10, numbers go down to more anonymous performances, with hits that haven’t face the test of time as well like When It’s Love, Pretty Woman and I’ll Wait.

Album-wise, 1984 takes the crown in large part thanks to Jump, the album adds for 752,000 EAS from streams.

Full catalog breakdown

If you are familiar with the artist’s catalog and want to check details of each and every song, you can access to all of them right here.

Keep yourself up to date

Our website provides you a fantastic tool which fetchs updated Spotify streams as you request them, use it to watch these results grow day after day!

Van Halen compilations sales

It sounds fairly logical to add together weighted sales of one era – studio album, physical singles, downloads, streams – to get the full picture of an album’s popularity. For older releases though, they also generate sales of various live, music videos and compilation albums.

All those packaging-only records do not create value, they exploit the value originating from the parent studio album of each of its tracks instead. Inevitably, when such compilations are issued, this downgrades catalog sales of the original LP.

Thus, to perfectly gauge the worth of these releases, we need to re-assign sales proportionally to its contribution of all the compilations which feature its songs. The following table explains this method.

The distribution process

CSPC Van Halen - BestOf - Sales Distribution

How to understand this table? If you check this example of the Best of Volume I line, those figures mean it sold 7,235,000 units worldwide. The second statistics column means all versions of all the songs included on this package add for 1,182,322 equivalent album sales from streams of all types.

The second part on the right of the table shows how many equivalent streams are coming from each original album, plus the share it represents on the overall package.

Thus, streaming figures tell us songs from 1984 are responsible for 52% of Best of Volume I tracklist attractiveness, which means it generated 3,784,000 of its 7,235,000 album sales and so on for the other records.

Compilations sales figures listing

CSPC Van Halen Compilation Sales List

Full Length related records Sales – Summary

CSPC Van Halen Compilation Sales Distribution

Here is the most underestimated indicator of an album’s success – the amount of compilation sales of all kinds it generated. Due to the dependency of sales of the original studio albums on these releases, they are a key piece of the jigsaw.

These numbers are obtained by applying the method from the section The distribution process to all packages listed under Compilation sales figures listing category.

Among large selling 70s/80s artists, Van Halen may be one of the weakest sellers in terms of compilations.

Best Of Volume I and The Best Of Both Worlds sold nearly 10 million combined, but it’s not much for a band with nearly 80 million studio album sales.

One of the reasons is that their first greatest hit came out pretty late, in 1996, after 10 albums and 18 years, and years after the switch of the general public from LPs to CDs.

Not too long after, the introduction of iTunes killed sales of best of albums, especially for artists who had one strong frontrunner single, as it is the case for Van Halen outside of the US.

If the window to sell large numbers with these compilations was small, 1984 still used it enough to generate 7.3 million units, well ahead of Van Halen at 2.95 million.

Total Album (all types) Sales per Country

CSPC Van Halen Album Sales By Market

Please note country-specific numbers may miss sales of a few minor releases, although totals are complete.

Van Halen Career CSPC Results

CSPC Van Halen Albums and Songs cover

So, after checking all the figures, how many overall equivalent album sales has each Van Halen album achieved? Well, at this point we hardly need to add up all of the figures defined in this article!

Albums CSPC results

In the following results table, all categories display figures in equivalent album sales. If different, pure sales are listed between parentheses.

#CoverAlbumTotal CSPCSales*StreamsTotal CSPC
Studio AlbumsOther LPsPhysical SinglesDigital SinglesLast verifiedAuto updateDaily Increase
1VanVan Halen19,826,00015,575,0002,952,000132,000
Av.: 260
LD: 390
2VanVan Halen II8,065,0007,225,000403,000156,000
Av.: 50
LD: 90
3WomenWomen and Children First5,988,0005,385,000402,00060,000
Av.: 20
LD: 30
4FairFair Warning4,690,0004,030,000472,00026,000
Av.: 30
LD: 50
5DiverDiver Down6,269,0005,705,00067,000320,000
Av.: 40
LD: 60
Av.: 520
LD: 740
Av.: 100
LD: 150
Av.: 30
LD: 40
9ForFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge5,651,0004,925,000476,00045,000
Av.: 40
LD: 50
Av.: 50
LD: 70
11VanVan Halen III1,184,0001,165,00008,000
Av.: 0
LD: 0
12A Different Kind of Truth796,000740,0001,0000
*Pure sales figures updated on 08/14/20.
'Av.' stands for Average, 'LD' for Last Day.

As a reminder:

  • Studio Album: sales of the original album
  • Other Releases: sales of compilations generated thanks to the album
  • Physical Singles: sales of physical singles from the album (ratio 3/10)
  • Download Singles: sales of digital singles from the album (ratio 1,5/10)
  • Streaming: equivalent album sales of all the album tracks (ratio 1/1500 for Audio stream and 1/6750 for Video stream)

See where the artist ranks among remaining singers

It’s a matter of time until the debut album Van Halen hits 20 million. Only a handful of releases per year managed this performance which highlights how strong this LP is.

It is also the top second best selling US album from 1978 behind Grease.

II wasn’t as huge but maintained their profile at a high standard with 8 million EAS to date.

This success became business as usual with Women and Children First, Fair Warning and Diver Down at 4.7-6.2 million apiece.

The band managed to top themselves with their 6th release. The album 1984 stands at 25.65 million units.

Fun fact: it means Taylor Swift‘s 1989 isn’t the highest selling album titled after an 80s year in spite of its monstruous success.

Back to Van Halen, their impressive run continued with 5150 which nears 11 million. It’s their 3rd top performer.

OU812, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge and Balance reach 5.5 million each.

They are 1 from only 5 artists with 10 consecutive albums with this level of sales, the others being the Beatles (13), Queen (12), Madonna (11) and U2 (10).

Later years haven’t been so good with III stalling at 1.2 million and A Different Kind of Truth at 0.8 million.

All told, Van Halen enters the small group of American bands in excess of 100 million units, at 101.1 million to be precise.

Singles CSPC results

The list is compiled in album equivalent sales generated by each song. Therefore, these figures are not merged units of singles formats. Instead, it includes weighted sales of the song’s physical single, download, ringtone and streaming as well as its share among sales of all albums on which it is featured.

1. 1983 – Van HalenJump [1984]15,670,000
2. 1984 – Van HalenPanama [1984]6,390,000
3. 1978 – Van HalenRunnin’ with the Devil [Van Halen]6,130,000
4. 1986 – Van HalenWhy Can’t This Be Love [5150]5,260,000
5. 1995 – Van HalenCan’t Stop Lovin’ You [Balance]4,270,000
6. 1979 – Van HalenDance the Night Away [Van Halen II]4,250,000
7. 1978 – Van HalenAin’t Talkin’ ’bout Love [Van Halen]4,220,000
8. 1978 – Van HalenEruption [Van Halen]3,540,000
9. 1978 – Van HalenYou Really Got Me [Van Halen]3,230,000
10. 1988 – Van HalenWhen It’s Love [OU812]3,200,000
11. 1991 – Van HalenRight Now [For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge]2,630,000
12. 1986 – Van HalenDreams [5150]2,470,000
13. 1984 – Van HalenHot for Teacher [1984]2,450,000
14. 1982 – Van Halen(Oh) Pretty Woman [Diver Down]2,170,000
15. 1981 – Van HalenUnchained [Fair Warning]2,150,000

If you feel inspired by this list, we just created this CSPC Van Halen playlist on Spotify!

Discography results

Thanks to our new ASR (Artist Success Rating) concept, we know that their sales represent 22,49 million times the purchase of their discography. Coupled with their total sales, it translates into an ASR score of 270. The ranking of all artists studied so far is available too at this link.

Records & Achievements

  • At 19,647,000 EAS, Van Halen is the 5th most successful album from 1978.
  • At 25,653,000 EAS, 1984 is the 7th most successful album from 1984.
  • At 10, Van Halen are 4th among the artists with the most consecutive albums over 4.5 million EAS.
  • At 15,670,000 EAS, Jump is among the 5th most successful songs from 1983.

NB: EAS means Equivalent Album Sales.

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As usual, feel free to comment and / or ask a question!

Sources: IFPI, Spotify, YouTube, Discogs, Billboard.

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I have been waiting for a very long time, for a detailed study about kiss sales,because i appreciate your work of precision and research . Can i count on seeing it published as soon as possible? I thank you in advance


Would be great if you could study those four great bands in 2021!


def leppard’s sales would be interesting


Apart from the United States, I would say excellent sales in Japan more than in the rest of Asia, however for those who still think that Iron Maiden have sold more than Van Halen, I think they should resign or take the USA off the map.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jsak

I think the most glaring aspect of the analysis, is not the good sales they achieved in those few territories but just how relatively poorly they sold just about everywhere else. While I agree they will top Maidens total, mainly due to those US sales, it’s clear to see that Maidens catalogue has lasted better and is proving to be the more enduringly popular in the streaming era (Spotify: IM 2.1b/VH 1.6b). Van Halen obviously have the most popular track of the two on Spotify (Jump 420m) and the only one that truly crossed over into the mainstream but Maiden… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Martin

On this we agree but like it or not in the United States there is a monstrous difference and that makes the difference, Garth Brooks practically lives only on that basis.
Maiden sells more outside but they are not Queen. Clearly, if you live in Europe, you may have a different perception.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jsak

I don’t think that is the case nowadays. I could be wrong but I imagine nowadays and probably for some time now, Maiden probably has better worldwide yearly sales and streaming figures. I just do not think VHs current US popularity, reflects how popular they once were or that it is significant enough over Maiden, to give them the edge on a worldwide basis, as is reflected in their worldwide streaming numbers. There is no doubt in their respective heydays (the 1980s) that Van Halen sold much more than Iron Maiden worldwide, due to their exceptional US popularity but they… Read more »


I’m not giving them an edge on world fame, I’m just talking about total copies sold.
We are reiterating the same concept in different words. For me Iron Maiden total album (all types) have sold less than 92,005,500 copies, then that Van Halen’s sales are enormously unbalanced towards the United States is a clear and obvious fact. It won’t be your case, but many European residents tend not to consider the huge gap between the two bands in the US, that’s all. 

Last edited 1 year ago by Jsak

I struggle to see how anybody could fail to notice the difference, given the RIAA certifications are available for all to see and highlight the disparity in the two acts sales in the US. I wasn’t meaning the edge on fame, I was actually meaning I think nowadays and probably for a good few years now, they have the edge on sales and streams. We also have to take into account, that had we compared those streams a few months back, it would probably have been a greater disparity between the two, given that Eddies death has obviously gained them… Read more »


If you add total albums and streams, Van Halen are above even today, even if they sell less than the catalog. The problem is how many think Iron albums are enough to surpass Van Halen …

Last edited 1 year ago by Jsak

It is a little frustrating for non-US enthusiasts to see US-based artists ending up this high (apart from Van Halen also Garth Brooks, The Eagles and arguably also non-US acts like AC/DC) because of their exceptional sales there, while more truly global acts like Red Hot Chili peppers or Green Day are (way) behind them. You really need to break the US to be big, but you wouldn’t need other territories as much. Does that really mean that VH is more popular than RHCP? Or just richer?

Thomas Christiansen

Black Ice went to #1 in 29 contries in 2008 and PWR/UP went to #1 in 21 contries this year. The US is an important market to AC/DC, but I don’t think you were being quite fair to them.


I agree with Thomas here, while AC/DC sold a lot in the US they were / are massive elsewhere too, hell their last albums have sold even more in Germany alone than the US. It’s obvious the US is the most important market in the world since it’s the biggest but artists can definitely get big numbers without selling too much there as well. Just look at ABBA, Robbie Williams and Johnny Hallyday. There are many more we haven’t studied as well. Dire Straits for example is precisely ahead of VH due to much bigger sales elsewhere so it’s not… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Al

Of course it’s not just US sales, my point was more the feeling that some acts are this high placed mainly because of their US sales. Maybe this is not as obvious for AC/DC, though more than half of their total album sales are from the US. I probably should have used Aerosmith, Elvis or Led Zeppelin as an example. Hope I don’t step on too many toes ;-).


Compare the numbers in Europe and Australia of AC/DC with those of RHCP or Green Day, they are certainly not lower… honestly not even those of European Led Zeppelin…


That’s true, but I was trying to compare Van Halen to RHCP or Green Day, while I would like to see this comparison for AC/DC or Led Zeppelin with U2 or Mariah carey or so. Acts that are in their league.


Here is a VH/IM combined Top 50, based on Spotify streaming. As we know Jump leads by a way, while Maiden have 6 of the 10 most streamed tracks and 32 of the 50! I think it shows that regardless of VHs superior US popularity and Jumps mainstream success, Worldwide Maiden are more popular. 1 . Jump – 2015 Remaster 420,198,827 – VH 2 . The Trooper – 2015 Remaster 198,382,345 – IM 3 . Run to the Hills – 2015 Remaster 195,828,655 – IM 4 . Fear of the Dark – 2015 Remaster 192,088,932 – IM 5 . Panama… Read more »


Interesting list. Thanks for taking the time to make it. Spotify is the best argument for worldwide popularity.

Thomas Christiansen

Yes interesting list. Although I’m not quite sure why we compare the two bands anyway. I know they are both Hard Rock/Heavy Metal acts, and I love them both! But stylistically it’s like comparing apples to oranges. That said, to me the main diffence sales/popularity wise between the two bands is that IM is still relevant, while VH haven’t been since “Balance” in 1995 (ok maybe the single “Human’s Being” 1996). VH’s biggest track released since 1996 is “Tattoo” with 3M on spotify. IM have released 38 (THIRTY-EIGHT!!!) tracks since 1996 with 3M plays or more. In fact, 26 of… Read more »


I’d go as far to say, I don’t think they’ve ever been particularly relevant in the UK, we just never seemed to take to them. In fact, this seems the case in many countries. I have to admit, VH do pretty much nothing for me, I don’t mind a few of their tracks but on the whole they are just not for me. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Maiden either, I have all their albums up to Fear Of The Dark and really enjoy a lot of their tracks from the 80s but I haven’t listened to… Read more »


The two bands were compared because there are those who think that in terms of physical copies Iron Maiden have sold more than Van Halen, which is impossible given the disproportionate number of VH albums in the United States. Obviously outside the IMs are more popular but they don’t make up the difference because they’re not Queen or Dire Straits 😉
Van Halen from 1996 to today have not sold many tickets certainly seen as in this period they have been a disbanded band with short reunions.


Before this analysis, I wasn’t sure about this. But now, I’m 99% sure that Iron Maiden are gonna be higher than VH. US included.


They probably won’t, but they’re getting closer every day


Thank you for the article, been waiting long time for this one!
Can you please update on the future plans regarding Iron Maiden, Scorpions or Deep Purple?


What an excellent article. Can you give us a hint about who’s up next?


Finally! Thanks a lot 🙂

I hope KISS is up next!




Finally. Thanks.
I’ll join this amazing club soon.

Thomas Christiansen

Very cool! Thanks

El Jolito

For some reason I can’t access this article on my phone!


The main page and the comments in it are stuck on December 10th for me in any phone or PC. I can only acces this CSPC through the best selling list.


Oddly, for me the link from the best selling list doesn’t work. But I like the article anyway.


Hey, In the tweet working on artists you guys still have gomez and eminem in the works, who are the new artists who´s CSPC you guys are working on, that you could reveal?


LOVE stevie, one question i have is fulfillingness’ first finale a contender for biggest album of 74, as from what j can tell there are no major seller/s from that year

i was wondering when drake would be updated so i’m excited to his update will be soon.

i would love to see you update all the “modern” artists who haven’t been updated since 2017/18 such as beyoncé, pink, one direction, selena, sam smith etc

Last edited 1 year ago by obro
Tom Riise

Thanks for the new analysis, much appreciated 🙂

El Jolito

Fantastic! Just squeezed over the 100 million line. I wondered if that would happen. I love the DLR Van Halen albums. Strangely my favourite, Fair Warning is their least selling album from that era!

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