CSPC: Barbra Streisand Popularity Analysis

STREISAND - Vogue (wallpaper)

Academy Award, Emmy Award, Grammy Award, Golden Globe Award, Tony Award. At 28, Barbra Streisand had already won them all, the first female artist ever to do so. She is also the only winner ever to have won an Oscar in both a music and an acting category. Nearly half a century, she continues to be successful. Wow!

At the start of the 60s, Streisand had brief appearances in a pair of unsuccessful soundtracks / cast recordings. It is in 1963, when her proper debut LP was released, that she broke the main audience. The success never really left her. Through movies and albums, she was inevitable among the American entertainment industry for decades to come.

Her trajectory followed the one of the music industry. Her early albums were issued only in English-speaking countries. Each of the soundtracks Funny Girl (1968), The Way We Were (1974) and A Star Is Born (1976) opened new markets to her. In 1980, the Barry Gibb-powered Guilty transformed Streisand into a global superstar.

As she started her career 2 decades before Madonna, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, she is rarely mentioned into female rankings. It doesn’t mean she has not sell enough to be featured on them!

As usual, I’ll be using the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept in order to relevantly gauge her results. This concept will not only bring you sales information for all Streisand‘s albums, physical and download singles, as well as audio and video streaming, but it will also determine their true popularity. If you are not yet familiar with the CSPC method, the next page explains it with a short video. I fully recommend watching the video before getting into the sales figures. Of course, if you are a regular visitor feel free to skip the video and get into the figures.

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Apart from five or six songs, Barbra’s most single have no “MV” video, just studio recording secens or film clips, there’s her all videos for singles My Heart Belongs To Me (1977) Memory (1981) Woman in Love (1981) it’s clips of her movies. “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” (1983) “The Way He Makes Me Feel” (1983) Left in the Dark (1984) Emotion (1985) Somewhere (1985) Till I Loved You (1988) We’re Not Making Love Anymore (1989) Places That Belong To You (1991) For All We Know (1991) I Finally Found Someone (with Bryan Adams) (1996) Tell Him (with Celine Dion)… Read more »


SkkyWill, I was wrong but I’m very happy to see Barbra being currently the 4th biggest selling female music artist on this site.

I want Nana Mouskouri next. Her analysis might reach more than 200 pages though.


As usual, a little-conservative and rigorous figures album sales, millions less than the figure in Fan of Music (146m in 2009). And with new adjustments identified for physical singles sales as MJD , 35 million world is 11 million less than my own estim, I ask and I found in the article MJD refered to above, the singles sales down over 20% after the adjustment.As for the digital sales, MJD had writte than since there is very little info there, he was most likely go by extrapolations from her streams. I dont agree but respect the “disappoint” figure. Divas’ catolge… Read more »


I see, as for Asia sales, I remember she got several platinum cers from Hongkong, and her last album peak high position in Taiwan. Some of her albums also among starsing record best-selling english cassette in China, I know her early album not released in these countries, but what about re-issue and import?

Marcus André

I don’t know if her albums were released in other latin countries, but in Brazil they were, included in CD (I have all, and all came from here), you can see them being sold in sites like Mercado Livre here in Brazil. (link: https://lista.mercadolivre.com.br/barbra-streisand-lp#D%5BA:barbra%20streisand%20lp%5D)


Her top 20 youtube streaming songs only three of them with MV:
Tell Him
other ones all live or studio scenes-made, It’s such a pity her most pop years had gone before MTV began to popular, and only 6 studio album during 81-99


Wow, Chartmasters is the Bible for WW receipts. :clap3: (I’m atheist but we don’t have a book)


92 pages?
That’s the most so far, correct? Damn, lot of albums………more than Dylan


This is amazing! She have a lot albums! She’s a legend and she have a great talent. I think she’s the most award woman in music industry with in more arts!


Damn, she has a lot of albums!
Great work, as always.


mind boggling work. i am reading it and already need a break before i continue. what a huge body of work she has, and what an amazing job you guys did.
I am surprised at how low her A Christmas Album sold outside of the US. I would have expected the album to sell more after she became international and the people started discovering her catalog. Many albums highlight how much of a local artist she was, but what a HUGE local artist. love her!


She is a “local artist” during 60s as her peers, sold most in US, but from Funny Girl to TWWW to A Star is born, on road of big in America-Europe-the rest of world, already the top female worldwide music act before Guilty, the record defined her popularity as a world level superstar, and one of the best seller since than, so I thought you stop reading in 60s, and you can follow the time line to witness the progress of the territory expansion. Her peer divas sold much less album during the “Single Era”, and big during 80, 90s,… Read more »


that is why i said “she was” as in her early days.


As MJD quoted in page 1 and page 48: “Her trajectory followed the one of the music industry. Her early albums were issued only in English-speaking countries. Each of the soundtracks Funny Girl (1968), The Way We Were (1974) and A Star Is Born (1976) opened new markets to her. In 1980, the Barry Gibb-powered Guilty transformed Streisand into a global superstar.” “One may say her sales aren’t that much global. It is true that the US is far and away her biggest market, accounting for 61,4 million of these sales, some 67% of the total. It is the way… Read more »


In page 82:
UK – 7200,000
I thought it should be 720,000


And you credited Tell Him physical sales in Celine’s article:
Tell Him – 1,300,000

but 1,150,000 this article?!


And I can’t find the page of Partners(2014), do you miss the album? MJD


Great article! Thank you very much, it’s worth waiting!

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