CSPC: Green Day Popularity Analysis


Physical Singles Sales

Despite amassing as many as 11 US #1 hits on the Alternative Songs list, which is based on radio airplay on themed stations, Green Day hardly sold anything in the physical singles format in their home country due to the absence of such releases.

Indeed, in the US at least, they never had a proper single issued. In Europe, they exploded later when that market was already vanishing. All in all, that’s not really good indicators. This situation concludes on a mere 3 million physical singles sold to date.

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 3 ratio between one album and one physical single.

Physical Singles Sales
Dookie (1994) – 276,000 equivalent albums

Longview – 100,000
Welcome to Paradise – 120,000
Basket Case – 400,000
She – 100,000
When I Come Around – 200,000

Insomniac (1995) – 55,500 equivalent albums

Stuck with Me – 60,000
Geek Stink Breath – 75,000
Brain Stew / Jaded – 50,000

Nimrod (1997) – 168,000 equivalent albums

Hitchin’ a Ride – 100,000
Redundant – 60,000
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) – 400,000

Warning (2000) – 78,000 equivalent albums

Warning – 125,000
Waiting – 60,000
Minority – 75,000

American Idiot (2004) – 255,000 equivalent albums

American Idiot – 200,000
Jesus of Suburbia – 50,000
Holiday – 100,000
Boulevard of Broken Dreams – 300,000
Wake Me Up When September Ends – 200,000

21st Century Breakdown (2009) – 21,000 equivalent albums

Know Your Enemy – 25,000
21 Guns – 25,000
Remaining Singles – 20,000

Orphan – 60,000 equivalent albums

The Saints Are Coming – 150,000
Remaining Singles – 50,000

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Hoping to see an update of what Revolution Radio ended up at and how Father Of All has performed with it being out for 6 months now. Great article!


Japan – 725,000

Seems odd considering the album is only certified Platinum* (200,000).



Thanks for the answer. Keep up the good work!

[…] CSPC: Green Day Popularity Analysis, ChartMasters, [website], 11 March 2017, https://chartmasters.org/2017/03/cspc-green-day-popularity-analysis/6/, (accessed 28 August […]


So any update as of December 2018?

Christian Smith

I’d like an update to see how Revolution Radio is doing. The spotify streams for those songs seem to be quite a bit higher now than they were on Page 26.

The album has also been certified Gold in the UK indicating 100k+ so I’d assume it sold a good bit more worldwide. It’s probably reached the 1 million milestone by now. I hope in the future it surpasses Uno! at least.

David Oakes

Hello it’s now November 20, 2017.

Any chance of an update on Revolution Radio ?


These rankings are simply amazing! Thanks for all the work! I just discovered your page and can’t stop reading. I’m a big fan!


Great work MJD, Anthony and Hernan! Green Day is an interesting case to read and study! Starting so slow, they became so massive with Dookie! The following 3 albums did well, and then they became massive again with American Idiot! I have to say, while Dookie is more successful, I consider American Idiot as their most impressive album in their catalog in terms of success, because they achieved it so deep into their career, and that that album is their only one that spawned numerous sizable hits! Regarding American Idiot, could you tell me whether it is the best selling… Read more »


What some users Wants? Is that perhaps a reference to Christina Aguilera?😉 If so, pretty excited for it! Been dying to know whether her debut or Stripped was the more successful album, and how she compared with her peers


It could be a “I Know What You Want” reference as well haha

Nuclear dolphin

You know I think ‘American Idiot’ is a masterpiece and it was also the last REAL hit rock album ever. How many other rock albums have surpassed 10 million copies since then? It was original as well, combining punk rock into a rock opera, like the Sex Pistols meets ‘Tommy’ by The Who with a bit of mid 70’s Queen thrown in. Its also a massive hit with the streaming, more so than ‘Dookie’. American Idiot has 593,769,585 streams as of today, where as Dookie has 447,417,471. Also if you look at Green day’s top 10 songs on Youtube, you’ll… Read more »


Grat work as always!

But i pointed out that Green Days numbers at the ranking on the last page are missing.