CSPC: Dirty Dancing Popularity Analysis

Dirty Dancing

Original Album Sales – Comments

1987 Dirty Dancing – 29,970,000
1988 More Dirty Dancing – 8,780,000
2004 Dirty Dancing 2 – 525,000

All considered, the level of sales achieved by the original soundtrack released in 1987 is absolutely fantastic, with almost 30 million copies sold as pure album which -at the same time- predictably make it one of the very best selling albums of that year, apart from reaching diamond status in the USA, Canada and the equivalent of that in Europe where it accumulates sales of over 11 million units.

More modest, but highly respectable, is the cumulative tally registered by More Dirty Dancing considering that it wasn’t backed up by a second movie and relied only on the original one. With sales not that far below 9 million copies, this is a further proof of this franchise’s appeal.

Dirty Dancing 2, on the other hand, is a different story. This was a sort of prequel of the 1987 blockbuster film reusing the basic plot of the original but centered in Havana at the time of the Cuban Revolution. A mixed number of artists participated in its soundtrack, arguably with a far more limited appeal as proven by its final sales, barely above the 500,000 mark, a shadow of what the first film managed.

All told, we have 39 million pure albums sales, the most obvious sales avenue for an epic seller from 1987. But as usual with our CSPC’s approach, definitely not the only one, so let’s see what else the Dirty Dancing‘s franchise fueled in other formats.

6 thoughts on “CSPC: Dirty Dancing Popularity Analysis”

  1. Wow, really smash successsful and digital sales for a 1987 singles! I cant wait to read the analysis for the queen of Soundtracks- Barbra

  2. Impressive numbers. I’d like to see the CSPC analysis for the two other dance-crazy classics…….FLASHHDANCE and FOOTLOOSE.

  3. So best selling soundtracks are
    1-The bodyguard
    3-Saturday night fever
    4-Dirty dancing
    I would like to see Titanic,Top Gun,Footlose,The Lion King,Flashdance and The Purple Rain as well.

  4. Oh i almost forgot.Is that true The Sound of Music soundtrack sold more than 40 million?What’s the real numbers from this album 10-20 million or less?Thanx

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