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Things I like: Rihanna

One week ago, the CSPC analysis of Ed Sheeran has been published. We saw that he makes wonders in several formats, including digital sales. How big is his success compared to the like Rihanna, Eminem or Drake? You will find the answer in the list below!

Please keep in mind some artists with strong results in this format haven’t been studied so far, e.g. Nicki Minaj or Kanye West. All figures reflect the value as collected at the time of the artist’s respective articles.

A lot of lists like this one are available in the Data Collector, so feel free to read them to gauge how your favorite artist ranked in it.

Reminder of the formula:

Equivalent Albums Sales (EAS) = 0.15 * Digital Single Sales

Artists Ranking – Digital Singles SAles

1. Rihanna251,130,000 units (37,670,000 EAS)
2. Eminem157,350,000 units (23,603,000 EAS)
3. Taylor Swift149,820,000 units (22,473,000 EAS)
4. Bruno Mars149,490,000 units (22,423,000 EAS)
5. Beyoncé144,200,000 units (21,630,000 EAS)
6. Drake137,310,000 units (20,596,000 EAS)
7. Maroon 5129,900,000 units (19,485,000 EAS)
8. Katy Perry122,700,000 units (18,405,000 EAS)
9. Lady Gaga111,200,000 units (16,680,000 EAS)
10. Black Eyed Peas103,960,000 units (15,594,000 EAS)
11. Usher93,610,000 units (14,041,000 EAS)
12. Coldplay93,080,000 units (13,962,000 EAS)
13. Justin Bieber87,850,000 units (13,178,000 EAS)
14. P!nk81,150,000 units (12,173,000 EAS)
15. Britney Spears80,270,000 units (12,040,000 EAS)
16. Michael Jackson79,930,000 units (11,990,000 EAS)
17. Adele75,300,000 units (11,295,000 EAS)
18. Linkin Park73,710,000 units (11,056,000 EAS)
19. Miley Cyrus70,300,000 units (10,545,000 EAS)
20. Christina Aguilera69,950,000 units (10,493,000 EAS)
21. Ed Sheeran69,770,000 units (10,466,000 EAS)
22. Queen58,370,000 units (8,755,000 EAS)
23. Alicia Keys57,750,000 units (8,663,000 EAS)
24. Nickelback57,280,000 units (8,592,000 EAS)
25. One Direction57,000,000 units (8,550,000 EAS)

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