France Album Sales: M. Pokora

M.Pokora press photo

Back in 2003. It has now been two years since reality TV stormed into French Medias environment. Apart from the pure voyeurism shows, a branch of music-axed programs also quickly appeared led by TF1 gigantic show Star Academy and M6 channel famous Popstars. As successful as they may have been at some point, most singers revealed by those shows are now relics from the past. Most but not M. Pokora who’s now stronger than ever.

What does make him so different? How big is he in comparison to the biggest historical stars of French catalog? How much has he sold in his homeland? After 7 studio solo albums and 1 with his original made-up band, 2 live sets plus several key collaborations including Génération Goldman project as well as Robin In the Wood musical, it is now time to answer all those questions about the one that has been flagged here as the French Justin Timberlake.

During the next pages we will be studying carefully all information with detailed results of his entire discography. Please be aware all Spotify figures refer to worldwide streaming as they only aim to display which albums still have strong catalog hits as of now. Let’s go!

2 thoughts on “France Album Sales: M. Pokora”

  1. Hi MJD,

    I have a question, M Pokora participated to Robin des Bois, but it’s a musical, it’s not really an album of him, can we really add the number of Robin des Bois to the total of M. Pokora’s sales?
    Same for the Linkup, for Beyonce, we don’t put the Destiny’s Child to the Beyonce’s total, don’t we?

    1. Hi Gonzalex!

      I haven’t been compiling Artist lists on those articles so far, thus they are informational only. No doubt if I set a list of all-time best selling acts in France, I’ll obviously consider – and most likely do – remove those two albums from M. Pokora total, but in an information article about him I though it was relevant to include them!

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