France Album Sales: M. Pokora

M. Pokora (2004) Era

Potential doesn’t translate into powerhouse status. With majors being cold due to Linkup’s failure, everything was still to be done when M. Pokora released his self-titled debut solo album in October 2004.

The LP debuted at #39 only while lead single Showbiz entered at #90. This song quickly gained airplay which rocketed it to #10 in the Singles chart with it going on to spend 9 weeks inside the Top 15. The album held consistently inside the Top 100 during the Christmas season which was already quite a good indicator for a teen pop / R&B artist with an unknown name. Both the single and the album combined for 2,27% of all Reality TV artists sales for the year, which represents 133,900 units sold, with rounded figures of 92,000 units of Showbiz and 42,000 units of M. Pokora.

It was just the start as the second single Elle Me Contrôle issued in April 2005 became a #6 hit. The album, which had plummeted to #146, climbed all the way up to a new peak of #21 within’ four weeks. A real breakthrough year for the singer. The third single issued, Pas Sans Toi, reached #4 securing a Top 100 placing for the album until the end of the year.

A sizable 415,743 records have been sold during 2005 in the process. The album contributed for 118,000 units while Elle Me Contrôle, Pas Sans Toi. and the dying Showbiz, sold 144,000, 109,000 and 45,000 units respectively.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Elle Me Contrôle – 271,000
  2. Pas Sans Toi – 252,000
  3. Showbiz – 103,000

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