France Album Sales: M. Pokora

Player (2006) Era

Success found with his first solo release opened doors of larger-scaled promotion campaigns for M. Pokora who broke the limits of the M6 channel. The result was immediate with his January 2006 second album Player debuting at #1 with a stunning 31,000 units sold on incomplete IFOP panel.

Adopting a rapper style, the singer was more and more debated by the general public but his fan base continued to grow amongst teen and female audiences. The album hasn’t done as well as its predecessor in the long run but his status became more established than ever. Three singles reached the Top 10, De Retour at #6, It’s Alright with Ricky Martin at #4 and Mal de Guerre at #10.

Sales-wise, Player came close to 200,000 units for the year, a figure which M. Pokora’s debut album topped with ongoing sales through the year. Aforementioned singles sold respectively 76,000, 112,000 and 50,000 units. Oh la la la (Sexy Miss) was The only single which failed to reach the Top 10, by peaking at #21, sold barely 32,000 copies.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Mal de Guerre – 47,000
  2. De Retour – 38,000
  3. Oh la la la (Sexy Miss) – 25,000

No other track from the album features among the artist’s Top 20.

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