France Album Sales: M. Pokora

My Way (2016) Era

Teen pop, rap, R&B, Variété, musical, urban music and now… a cover album of Claude François, a pure French Variétés artist who passed away back in 1978. François is massively loved by the housewives audience. International readers must wonder why this album is titled after the famous Frank Sinatra song – Claude François was the original singer of My Way, locally titled Comme d’Habitude.

Call it lack of artistic integrity or incredible versatility, the fact is M. Pokora managed to turn very different projects into successful outputs. My Way was the biggest of them all. Extensively supported by the TF1 channel, the album debuted at #1 with a massive 80,000 units sold. Its predecessor quickly decelerated but it wasn’t the case for this new album which got boosted by the single Cette Année Là a #7 smash. The LP secured the #1 spot for an entire month climbing to 171,000 sales.

The favorite Christmas gift of the year, weekly sales of the record reached as high as 60,000 units during December. After a mere three months on sale, it finished the year with 408,000 copies sold – without streaming – to make it the biggest album of his career so far.

Maintaining strong sales in 2017, My Way has been the #1 seller – again, without streams – for a stunning 10 weeks since its release. As I’m writing this article, it remains a healthy seller with total sales to date on their way to reaching 500,000 units.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Cette Année-là – 2,785,000
  2. Belinda – 2,071,000
  3. Alexandrie, Alexandra – 640,000

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