Most streamed albums on Spotify

Here you will find up to date lists of the most streamed studio albums on Spotify, per year, per decade, and all-time.

Most streamed albums on Spotify

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Top Spotify albums – Methodology

Before sharing the up todate list of the most streamed studio albums on Spotify, here are a few things you need to know:

Singles that have been issued before the start of the selected period are thus included in full.

In case several versions of the same album exist, the one with the highest total of streams is displayed.

The column EAS stands for Equivalent Album Sales. It reflects the worth of these audio streams on par with album units. This data extrapolates remaining streaming platforms.

The global ranking (g#) is comprehensive for albums over the 500 million mark. Below this number, albums listed are top recent albums or top streamers from local markets, for them the global ranking is meaningless.

Top Spotify albums – Results

Top Spotify albums – Results breakdown

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idk how many steams it has, but Solar Power by Lorde?


i hasn’t enough streams to appear on the list (270M required) maybe in a few months ?


Do you know how many steams it does have? It’s kind of hard to tell from her page.


245m 😊


I think that Adele vs. Taylor Swift was one of the most stupid shit ever lol. Both albums aren’t doing 14m+ now, that was easily done by blockbuster albums in history like SOUR, Divide, even Scorpion by Drake I think after entire months of release due to the amount of hits. At the end of the day both the albums are inconsistent and dare I say, both new Adele and Taylor don’t feel the same anymore IMO


Having the name Ed sheeran is the best, talk about your biased opinion, Adele´s 30 for example is outselling in 2021 in al the physical formats (and have that amount of streams having 5 6mins long songs, so Adele in doing amazing. SOUR have several singles released before the album (3), and the amounts of song in the other 2, 19 songs (Divide) or 30 (Scorpion) given them that amount of streams. Almost 2 millions EAS in 2 weeks, 30 is the fastest selling album this decade, so yeah its totally your opinion. Taylor Swift record in the other hand… Read more »


Divide had 12 songs, 16 with the deluxe. Scorpion has 25, but I won’t defend Drake either Biased opinion? Can’t you see the giant IMO at the end of my statement? If you don’t agree I don’t really mind. REALLY. I love Adele but let’s be real, 30 was not as consistent as wasn’t =. Can I Get It, produced by Max Martin and Shellback ig? Ain’t that the duo with the most hot 100 no. 1s like ever? That shit was bottom 5 of the album. Adele played 2020 Taylor by having an only producer, maybe to share less… Read more »


taylor is actually super impressive cause its a a rerecording for a 10 year old album with like two interviews and very low playlisting, and even without it she was pulling 20m+ streams daily with her back catalogue alone…


Of course, but in my opinion it didn’t hit the same. Like, she matured, this album performed better in a critical standpoint, but We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, for example, just isn’t the same (I was listening to it rn) old, ingenuous persona from Taylor, and Adele ain’t had Ryan Tedder (and lots of other producers/songwriters) work on her new album, who was part of 3 of her songs, 2 being singles, all successful and critically acclaimed. I hate thinking that x artist lost the touch or something, but really, things change and she just isn’t doing the… Read more »


And ofc Taylor’s numbers been impressive, but that album was teased here and there all the year, and the wave of people in the internet using Red TV as a profile pic or the red scarf also helped massively, not that I’m complaining her ending Scooter Braun and others ofc


Zayn’s ‘Nobody is Listening’ has a track ‘Unfuckwitable’ which has two versions. Here, one is missing.


To the 2021 list:
Kanye West: Donda -> Donda (Deluxe)
Ed Sheeran: = -> = (Christmas Edition)
Polo G: Hall of Fame -> Hall of Fame 2.0


Donda doesn’t have a deluxe version?


Can you add Mata – Młody Matczak to the list of 2021 most streamed albums?
This album have over 200 milion plays.


Hi Koro!
The bar is at 270m as of now. But I’m currently working on various lists for non English/Spanish albums. A top 30 for Polish releases is coming very soon 😊


2021 , Bebe Rexha “Better Mistakes” has 217 million streams. It should be in the 2021 most streamed Albums.


the album requires at least 270M streams


AJ Mitchell’s album ‘SKYVIEW’ should be included for the 2021 albums list. It has over 300m+ streams.


I’ll add it!

Patrick Coley

This the best website. I love it keep up the good work.


Plis, Add Halsey album “ICHLIWP”


it requires more streams

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