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This page provides you with up to date lists of the most streamed studio albums, per year, per decade and of all-time, on Spotify.

Singles that have been issued before the start of the selected period are thus included in full.

In case several versions of the same album exist, the one with the highest total of streams is displayed.

The column EAS stands for Equivalent Album Sales. It reflects the worth of these audio streams on par with album units. This data extrapolates remaining streaming platforms.

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Most streamed albums: 2021

Last updated on 05/13/21
RankCoverArtistAlbumTotal StreamsDaily StreamsEAS
1JustinJustin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)2,150,108,77313,950,0712,146,646
2KAROLKAROL GKG05162,093,184,3875,538,0682,089,814
3MorganMorgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)1,217,197,9153,874,0281,215,238
424kGoldn24kGoldnEl Dorado1,155,879,2982,906,9821,154,018
5RobinRobin SchulzIIII902,084,7271,315,403900,632
6DJDJ KhaledKHALED KHALED740,761,4805,115,136739,569
7CamiloCamiloMis Manos726,261,8183,421,328725,092
8TateTate McRaeTOO YOUNG TO BE SAD715,732,4501,808,732714,580
9PisoPiso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del Perreo708,855,4501,406,692707,714
10DemiDemi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)644,276,7242,404,863643,239
11ManuelManuel TurizoDopamina629,651,3612,447,451628,637
12ZaraZara LarssonPoster Girl611,973,311654,893610,988
13CarlosCarlos RiveraCrónicas de una Guerra582,176,685675,073581,239
14PinkPink Sweat$PINK PLANET566,928,0851,473,642566,015
15LosLos LegendariosLos Legendarios 001524,432,1004,288,398523,588
16LilLil TjayDestined 2 Win498,725,2084,099,195497,922
17MadisonMadison BeerLife Support458,962,005818,941458,223
18YOASOBIYOASOBITHE BOOK430,113,6611,748,961429,421
19CJCJLoyalty Over Royalty425,217,7031,141,300424,533
21C.C. TanganaEl Madrileño392,653,7911,556,536392,021
22AliAli GatieThe Idea Of Her391,567,627719,657390,937
24SeebSeebSad in Scandinavia352,867,014281,393352,299
25SelenaSelena GomezRevelación - EP322,860,0421,933,704322,340
26SiaSiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)317,338,8691,298,217316,828
27GusttavoGusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)303,492,479889,488303,004
28DannaDanna PaolaK.O.269,563,442650,829269,129
29AnuelAnuel AALos Dioses249,763,166899,656249,361
30AJRAJROK ORCHESTRA245,389,9881,078,587244,995
31AlexanderAlexander 23Oh No, Not Again! - EP241,378,398640,369240,990
32ZAYNZAYNNobody Is Listening230,350,478725,484229,980
33NFNFCLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE)208,378,1351,365,441208,043

Breakdowns (sorted by alphabetical order)

24kGoldnEl DoradoLove Or Lust8,042,1248,029
24kGoldnEl DoradoYellow Lights1,636,4011,634
24kGoldnEl DoradoCut It Off1,216,5191,215
24kGoldnEl DoradoMood (feat. iann dior)1,023,210,8721,021,563
24kGoldnEl DoradoButterflies1,907,2741,904
24kGoldnEl Dorado3, 2, 125,044,31925,004
24kGoldnEl DoradoThe Top2,986,1282,981
24kGoldnEl DoradoDon't Sleep1,315,9651,314
24kGoldnEl DoradoOutta Pocket1,977,2831,974
24kGoldnEl DoradoEmpty (feat. Swae Lee)1,841,8951,839
24kGoldnEl DoradoCoco (feat. DaBaby)65,021,14664,916
24kGoldnEl DoradoBreath Away2,047,3462,044
24kGoldnEl DoradoCompany (feat. Future)19,632,02619,600
24kGoldnEl Dorado1,155,879,2981,154,018
AJROK ORCHESTRA3 O'Clock Things7,522,7207,511
AJROK ORCHESTRAChristmas in June2,523,6602,520
AJROK ORCHESTRAThe Trick2,461,2502,457
AJROK ORCHESTRABang!168,356,617168,086
AJROK ORCHESTRAAdventure Is Out There2,734,3142,730
AJROK ORCHESTRAOrdinaryish People (feat. Blue Man Group)3,079,9223,075
AJROK ORCHESTRAHumpty Dumpty2,949,3712,945
AJROK ORCHESTRAWorld's Smallest Violin3,910,9453,905
AJROK ORCHESTRABummerland20,196,75520,164
AJROK ORCHESTRAMy Play7,703,1547,691
AJROK ORCHESTRAWay Less Sad17,674,08717,646
AJROK ORCHESTRAOK Overture3,466,4393,461
AJROK ORCHESTRAJoe2,810,7542,806
AJROK ORCHESTRA245,389,988244,995
Alexander 23Oh No, Not Again! - EPCaught in the Middle6,298,5436,288
Alexander 23Oh No, Not Again! - EPIDK You Yet199,527,562199,206
Alexander 23Oh No, Not Again! - EPCry Over Boys11,308,66611,290
Alexander 23Oh No, Not Again! - EPCome Here and Leave Me Alone2,833,3362,829
Alexander 23Oh No, Not Again! - EPNothing's the Same12,929,00612,908
Alexander 23Oh No, Not Again! - EPGood to See You Again!458,474458
Alexander 23Oh No, Not Again! - EPShe Loves Me304,954304
Alexander 23Oh No, Not Again! - EPTrack 9414,571414
Alexander 23Oh No, Not Again! - EPBrainstorm7,303,2867,292
Alexander 23Oh No, Not Again! - EP241,378,398240,990
Ali GatieThe Idea Of HerSunrise832,264831
Ali GatieThe Idea Of HerCan't Let You Go11,692,56311,674
Ali GatieThe Idea Of HerHelpless582,204581
Ali GatieThe Idea Of HerRunning On My Mind57,180,72557,089
Ali GatieThe Idea Of Herlie to me50,743,56250,662
Ali GatieThe Idea Of HerThe Idea Of Her599,980599
Ali GatieThe Idea Of HerStay Up437,740437
Ali GatieThe Idea Of HerWhat If I Told You That I Love You258,408,510257,992
Ali GatieThe Idea Of HerBigger Person469,970469
Ali GatieThe Idea Of HerDo You Believe10,620,10910,603
Ali GatieThe Idea Of Her391,567,627390,937
Anuel AALos DiosesNunca13,620,39013,598
Anuel AALos DiosesLa Maria14,108,16414,085
Anuel AALos DiosesDime T??15,789,98515,765
Anuel AALos DiosesContra el Mundo5,992,0345,982
Anuel AALos DiosesMuniciones12,181,01212,161
Anuel AALos Dioses10022,814,45722,778
Anuel AALos DiosesRD15,004,91414,981
Anuel AALos DiosesPerfecto6,845,3326,834
Anuel AALos DiosesAntes79,219,74279,092
Anuel AALos DiosesPerreo9,820,8159,805
Anuel AALos DiosesNena Buena24,115,36924,077
Anuel AALos DiosesLos Dioses30,250,95230,202
Anuel AALos Dioses249,763,166249,361
AsheAshlynWhen I'm Older1,344,5591,342
AsheAshlynLove Is Not Enough301,072301
AsheAshlynMe Without You1,020,0661,018
AsheAshlynSave Myself17,612,95617,585
AsheAshlynSerial Monogamist245,508245
AsheAshlynI'm Fine3,510,0453,504
AsheAshlynTill Forever Falls Apart31,567,26631,516
AsheAshlynNot Mad Anymore296,057296
AsheAshlynMoral of the Story (feat. Niall Horan) - Bonus Track85,043,53484,907
AsheAshlynMoral of the Story273,346,869272,907
AsheAshlynRyne???s Song229,895230
AshnikkoDEMIDEVILSlumber Party (feat. Princess Nokia)60,677,34060,580
AshnikkoDEMIDEVILCry (feat. Grimes)27,120,75827,077
AshnikkoDEMIDEVILClitoris! The Musical1,926,2631,923
AshnikkoDEMIDEVILDeal With It (feat. Kelis)26,212,86626,171
AshnikkoDEMIDEVILDrunk With My Friends4,108,4224,102
AshnikkoDEMIDEVILGood While It Lasted2,870,1012,865
AshnikkoDEMIDEVILL8r Boi5,226,7335,218
AshnikkoDEMIDEVILLittle Boy4,202,2674,196
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoDemasiadas Mujeres51,794,98651,712
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoIngobernable27,737,94927,693
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoLos Tontos10,192,60710,176
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoHong Kong8,233,5718,220
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoCu??ndo Olvidar??6,301,4346,291
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoUn Veneno - G-Mix6,022,1166,012
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoCAMBIA!10,537,93210,521
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoT?? Me Dejaste De Querer146,043,223145,808
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoP??rteme La Cara20,364,16520,331
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoNominao9,790,7339,775
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoNunca Estoy61,969,94361,870
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoTe Olvidaste8,142,7168,130
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoComerte Entera17,888,90617,860
C. TanganaEl MadrileñoMuriendo De Envidia7,633,5107,621
C. TanganaEl Madrileño392,653,791392,021
CamiloMis ManosManos de Tijera10,188,37710,172
CamiloMis ManosRopa Cara99,809,33899,649
CamiloMis Manos5 pa las 1211,666,74111,648
CamiloMis ManosMillones23,538,96023,501
CamiloMis ManosBEB??171,222,563170,947
CamiloMis ManosKESI19,878,87619,847
CamiloMis ManosTuyo y M??o13,629,00613,607
CamiloMis ManosVida de Rico290,864,140290,396
CamiloMis ManosRolex7,425,2787,413
CamiloMis ManosMareado9,185,1129,170
CamiloMis ManosMachu Picchu68,853,42768,743
CamiloMis Manos726,261,818725,092
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraS??lo T?? - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo34,61135
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraQue Lo Nuestro Se Quede Nuestro - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo42,99743
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraMe Muero - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo276,608276
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraRegr??same Mi Coraz??n - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo46,37346
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraRecu??rdame - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo48,59349
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraRecu??rdame69,557,70569,446
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraMe Muero104,597,777104,429
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraAmo Mi Locura - Intro - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo56,55956
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraSer??a M??s F??cil49,673,69549,594
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una Guerra100 A??os - Con Calibre 501,950,0011,947
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraS??gueme8,297,2198,284
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraBendita Tu Vida - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo30,35330
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una Guerra??C??mo Pagarte? - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo49,75450
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una Guerra100 A??os46,757,15246,682
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraTe Amo Hoy (feat. Vanesa Mart??n)15,282,64815,258
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraAmo Mi Locura10,207,84310,191
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraPerdiendo la Cabeza83,693,01383,558
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraTe Esperaba - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo138,006138
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraGrito de Guerra - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo35,24435
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraLa Luna del Cielo - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo46,24846
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraLo Digo - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo35,05935
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraYa Pasar??8,514,9298,501
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraRegr??same Mi Coraz??n62,869,08062,768
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraTe Esperaba75,293,13475,172
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraGrito de Guerra10,352,89510,336
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraLa Luna del Cielo11,813,72011,795
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraOtras Vidas - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo44,28844
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraSer??a M??s F??cil - En Vivo desde Hip??dromo Palermo47,61048
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraVolver?? (feat. Tommy Torres)10,179,95010,164
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una GuerraBendita Tu Vida12,203,62112,184
Carlos RiveraCrónicas de una Guerra582,176,685581,239
CJLoyalty Over RoyaltyPolitics1,867,7741,865
CJLoyalty Over RoyaltyI'm Lit (feat. French Montana)624,627624
CJLoyalty Over Royalty"BOP"15,071,77815,048
CJLoyalty Over RoyaltyWhoopty402,607,376401,959
CJLoyalty Over RoyaltyReal One588,356587
CJLoyalty Over RoyaltyOutro (Blessings)448,577448
CJLoyalty Over RoyaltySet950,462949
CJLoyalty Over RoyaltyGoin??? UP3,058,7533,054
CJLoyalty Over Royalty425,217,703424,533
Danna PaolaK.O.Contigo25,349,73525,309
Danna PaolaK.O.Sola27,123,21527,080
Danna PaolaK.O.T.A.C.O.4,819,7134,812
Danna PaolaK.O.Me, Myself6,311,1396,301
Danna PaolaK.O.Friend De Semana15,753,50815,728
Danna PaolaK.O.No Bailes Sola116,461,949116,274
Danna PaolaK.O.Justified2,607,0732,603
Danna PaolaK.O.Bajo Cero3,506,2483,501
Danna PaolaK.O.Amor Ordinario14,080,55614,058
Danna PaolaK.O.TQ Y YA19,221,10519,190
Danna PaolaK.O.Calla T??34,329,20134,274
Danna PaolaK.O.269,563,442269,129
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)Carefully3,435,7373,430
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)Intro16,19716
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)Good Place2,566,5002,562
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)Dancing With The Devil25,195,65925,155
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)Lonely People3,664,1033,658
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)What Other People Say (with Sam Fischer)61,320,10361,221
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)Melon Cake4,098,6424,092
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)I Love Me135,653,885135,435
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)OK Not To Be OK (with Marshmello)118,376,770118,186
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)The Art Of Starting Over4,731,6584,724
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)Butterfly2,613,3352,609
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)15 Minutes3,104,4423,099
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)California Sober2,818,2642,814
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriend (feat. Saweetie)4,511,2964,504
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)Easy (with Noah Cyrus)4,778,3604,771
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)Anyone53,469,75553,384
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)ICU (Madison's Lullabye)3,807,7333,802
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)I'm Ready (with Sam Smith)152,130,007151,885
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)The Way You Don't Look At Me4,070,2254,064
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)Met Him Last Night (feat. Ariana Grande)47,747,61147,671
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)Mad World2,760,6282,756
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)The Kind Of Lover I Am3,405,8143,400
Demi LovatoDancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over (Expanded Edition)644,276,724643,239
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDLET IT GO (feat. Justin Bieber & 21 Savage)10,342,18110,326
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDEVERY CHANCE I GET (feat. Lil Baby & Lil Durk)11,966,44411,947
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDBODY IN MOTION (feat. Bryson Tiller, Lil Baby & Roddy Ricch)5,361,0405,352
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDPOPSTAR (feat. Drake)392,423,638391,792
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDI CAN HAVE IT ALL (feat. Bryson Tiller, H.E.R. & Meek Mill)2,730,9442,727
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDI DID IT (feat. Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby & DaBaby)16,830,63916,804
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDBIG PAPER (feat. Cardi B)2,754,7942,750
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDGREECE (feat. Drake)278,727,219278,278
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDTHIS IS MY YEAR (feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Big Sean, Rick Ross & Puff Daddy)2,933,5802,929
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDJUST BE (feat. Justin Timberlake)2,546,5242,542
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDSORRY NOT SORRY (feat. Nas, JAY-Z & James Fauntleroy) - Harmonies by The Hive4,930,9014,923
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDTHANKFUL (feat. Lil Wayne & Jeremih)3,363,9093,358
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDWE GOING CRAZY (feat. H.E.R. & Migos)3,948,7623,942
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALEDWHERE YOU COME FROM (feat. Buju Banton, Capleton & Bounty Killer)1,900,9051,898
DJ KhaledKHALED KHALED740,761,480739,569
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)T?? Torcendo - Ao Vivo16,305,60616,279
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)Vingadora - Ao Vivo16,601,62516,575
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)60 Segundos - Ao Vivo3,487,2613,482
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)Tudo que Eu Queria - Ao Vivo21,837,88121,803
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)Balada do Buteco - Ao Vivo12,801,88912,781
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)Espetinho - Ao Vivo52,238,51152,154
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)Fala Comigo - Ao Vivo33,480,22333,426
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)Acabou - Ao Vivo3,762,2163,756
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)At?? Ontem - Ao Vivo3,593,7823,588
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)Super Ex - Ao Vivo9,724,2409,709
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)Caf?? e Amor - Ao Vivo39,601,30439,538
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)Duas da Manh?? - Ao Vivo5,124,1005,116
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)De Menina pra Mulher - Ao Vivo84,933,84184,797
Gusttavo LimaO Embaixador - The Legacy (Ao Vivo)303,492,479303,004
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Anyone268,235,016267,803
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Love You Different (feat. BEAM)28,278,33528,233
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Lifetime16,184,68516,159
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)2 Much34,547,96934,492
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Hold On197,754,058197,436
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)MLK Interlude10,839,48310,822
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Die For You (feat. Dominic Fike)29,883,04629,835
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Lonely (with benny blanco)407,405,127406,749
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Deserve You32,827,08132,774
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Off My Face42,190,43342,122
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Ghost40,287,44140,223
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Unstable (feat. The Kid LAROI)42,931,07242,862
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Loved By You (feat. Burna Boy)29,891,62229,843
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon)375,167,417374,563
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)I Can't Be Myself (feat. Jaden)8,880,6498,866
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Wish You Would (feat. Quavo)7,297,1777,285
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Somebody26,684,40126,641
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)As I Am (feat. Khalid)77,923,35877,798
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Name (feat. Tori Kelly)7,105,3417,094
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Know No Better (feat. DaBaby)7,608,5837,596
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)Holy (feat. Chance The Rapper)444,577,923443,862
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)There She Go (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)13,608,55613,587
Justin BieberJustice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)2,150,108,7732,146,646
KAROL GKG0516200 COPAS7,675,7227,663
KAROL GKG0516Tusa1,031,441,0011,029,780
KAROL GKG0516EL BARCO21,728,78721,694
KAROL GKG0516Ay, DiOs M??o!376,865,246376,258
KAROL GKG0516D??JALOS QUE MIREN4,084,3174,078
KAROL GKG0516ODISEA6,961,2546,950
KAROL GKG0516BICHOTA449,284,570448,561
KAROL GKG0516EL MAKINON67,650,64667,542
KAROL GKG0516DVD4,628,8304,621
KAROL GKG0516LOCATION82,773,03182,640
KAROL GKG0516BEAUTIFUL BOY2,333,7892,330
KAROL GKG0516LEYENDAS14,713,31914,690
KAROL GKG0516SOLA ES MEJOR3,459,0993,454
KAROL GKG0516GATO MALO6,420,7406,410
KAROL GKG05162,093,184,3872,089,814
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinGang Gang4,198,9224,192
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinMove On - Bonus41,077,25841,011
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinMove (feat. Saweetie)3,394,6483,389
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinRun It Up (feat. Offset & Moneybagg Yo)33,799,76733,745
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinIrregular Love3,918,4873,912
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinLove Hurts (feat. Toosii)5,013,2005,005
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinDestined 2 Win2,970,3172,966
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinBorn 2 Be Great8,302,9638,290
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinCalling My Phone235,872,444235,493
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinNone of Your Love - Bonus22,350,66222,315
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinGo Crazy3,916,1483,910
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinHeadshot (feat. Polo G & Fivio Foreign)60,139,54360,043
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinPart of the Plan3,101,5103,097
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinHood Rich4,441,8684,435
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinOh Well5,126,6845,118
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinWhat You Wanna Do5,436,7745,428
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinLife Changed2,602,9752,599
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinNo Cap2,835,1162,831
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinLosses - Bonus44,197,88044,127
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinSlow Down3,341,3543,336
Lil TjayDestined 2 WinNuf Said2,686,6882,682
Lil TjayDestined 2 Win498,725,208497,922
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Fugitivo1,181,0711,179
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001No Me Acostumbro23,522,41123,485
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Loco3,688,8873,683
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Auto758,213757
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Pr??ndelo1,875,6431,873
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Mami1,095,0851,093
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Ganas317,876317
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Hey Shorty - Remix8,972,7428,958
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Huele a Sexo342,422342
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Mari Mari6,681,5066,671
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Baila Conmigo818,423817
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Me Da??as La Mente977,100976
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Dando Vueltas403,947403
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Hag??moslo Otra Vez868,176867
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Mi Ni??a249,897,085249,495
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Vamo All??1,039,5541,038
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001En Mi Habitaci??n14,430,29814,407
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Fiel206,411,347206,079
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001Amanecer Contigo1,150,3141,148
Los LegendariosLos Legendarios 001524,432,100523,588
Madison BeerLife SupportThe Beginning1,700,1891,697
Madison BeerLife SupportBaby72,276,71972,160
Madison BeerLife SupportEmotional Bruises2,995,3672,991
Madison BeerLife SupportFollow The White Rabbit3,776,4683,770
Madison BeerLife SupportStained Glass21,555,65821,521
Madison BeerLife SupportInterlude1,884,7811,882
Madison BeerLife SupportEverything Happens For A Reason2,618,0432,614
Madison BeerLife SupportChannel Surfing / The End1,045,3691,044
Madison BeerLife SupportBlue9,673,3249,658
Madison BeerLife SupportSour Times2,558,7502,555
Madison BeerLife SupportGood In Goodbye96,415,66896,260
Madison BeerLife SupportDefault2,816,7592,812
Madison BeerLife SupportHomesick2,427,3072,423
Madison BeerLife SupportSelfish207,293,761206,960
Madison BeerLife SupportStay Numb And Carry On3,273,3283,268
Madison BeerLife SupportEffortlessly3,220,4403,215
Madison BeerLife SupportBOYSHIT23,430,07423,392
Madison BeerLife Support458,962,005458,223
Manuel TurizoDopaminaMala Costumbre70,931,62470,817
Manuel TurizoDopaminaAhora Eh930,172929
Manuel TurizoDopaminaAmor en Coma16,246,75216,221
Manuel TurizoDopaminaQui??reme Mientras Se Pueda202,532,263202,206
Manuel TurizoDopaminaQuiereme Mientras se Pueda - Remix17,438,99917,411
Manuel TurizoDopaminaCosas Malas9,355,5989,341
Manuel TurizoDopaminaKayak1,250,7651,249
Manuel TurizoDopaminaAntes Que Te Vayas915,347914
Manuel TurizoDopaminaCaliente826,108825
Manuel TurizoDopaminaTe Fallo1,066,9041,065
Manuel TurizoDopaminaTiempo1,458,7141,456
Manuel TurizoDopaminaLa Nota305,786,861305,294
Manuel TurizoDopaminaHoy Vuelvo a Beber911,254910
Manuel TurizoDopamina629,651,361628,637
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Sand In My Boots55,515,90155,427
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Warning30,423,92030,375
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt17,091,29217,064
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)This Side Of A Dust Cloud - Bonus8,487,5628,474
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Beer Don???t13,063,49413,042
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)7 Summers124,753,524124,553
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Quittin??? Time13,689,03513,667
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Your Bartender19,583,64619,552
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Whatcha Think Of Country Now10,210,52510,194
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)86536,800,17436,741
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)More Surprised Than Me21,534,30121,500
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Bandaid On A Bullet Hole - Bonus14,356,31014,333
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Country A$$ Shit12,588,07112,568
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Dangerous31,144,95931,095
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Still Goin Down52,203,94652,120
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Outlaw (feat. Ben Burgess)18,334,56218,305
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Heartless - Wallen Album Mix18,265,43218,236
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Me On Whiskey15,479,05215,454
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Need A Boat9,913,8659,898
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Blame It On Me13,678,46813,656
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Silverado For Sale17,784,18817,756
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Somethin??? Country11,681,20411,662
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Only Thing That???s Gone (feat. Chris Stapleton)16,300,59016,274
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)More Than My Hometown141,276,715141,049
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Neon Eyes22,877,24822,840
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)This Bar91,686,74891,539
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Whiskey???d My Way19,354,92019,324
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Wasted On You66,996,39866,889
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Livin??? The Dream42,748,19442,679
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Sand In My Boots (The Dangerous Sessions) - Bonus5,701,6755,692
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Cover Me Up142,602,796142,373
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Somebody???s Problem82,152,95282,021
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)Wonderin??? Bout The Wind18,916,24818,886
Morgan WallenDangerous: The Double Album (Bonus)1,217,197,9151,215,238
NFCLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE)208,378,135208,043
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETPINK CITY1,078,2481,077
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETHonesty223,242,547222,883
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETLows6,510,9816,500
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETInterlude428,568428
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETAt My Worst216,322,092215,974
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETNot Alright3,160,4293,155
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETChains1,106,9351,105
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETIcy6,422,8606,413
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETParadise1,610,5291,608
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETHeaven10,168,53010,152
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANET1764,880,33264,776
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETBeautiful Life733,430732
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETAt My Worst (feat. Kehlani)25,986,58225,945
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETPINK MONEY670,604670
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETGive It To Me2,197,9232,194
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETSo Sweet1,110,3181,109
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANETMagic838,984838
Pink Sweat$PINK PLANET566,928,085566,015
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoM??s De La Una97,264,58497,108
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoA Muerte464,776464
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoD??jalo374,953374
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoIntro204,189204
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoQuerida22,746,85222,710
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoPa' Olvidarme De Ella326,855,315326,329
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoEl Amor En Los Tiempos Del Perreo781,846781
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoDame Luz296,685296
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoAy Qu?? Cool304,622304
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoNo Se Quit?? (feat. DalePlay)785,782785
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoDulcecitos (feat. Zion & Lennox)36,631,08836,572
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoTan Bonita18,194,44018,165
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoUna Vida Para Recordar138,130,201137,908
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoNo Est?? Mal376,762376
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del PerreoMami65,443,35565,338
Piso 21El Amor En Los Tiempos Del Perreo708,855,450707,714
Robin SchulzIIIIFloat361,358361
Robin SchulzIIIIAll This Love (feat. Harl??)88,303,03288,161
Robin SchulzIIIIIntro369,560369
Robin SchulzIIIIAll We Got (feat. KIDDO)143,132,348142,902
Robin SchulzIIIIIn Your Eyes (feat. Alida)239,036,059238,651
Robin SchulzIIIIFeel Something (feat. SAYGRACE)353,365353
Robin SchulzIIIIOne More Time (feat. Alida)19,302,47519,271
Robin SchulzIIIIRather Be Alone11,062,87511,045
Robin SchulzIIIIDream (feat. colour your mind)417,933417
Robin SchulzIIIIIt???s Only for You420,010419
Robin SchulzIIIIBetter with You (feat. SVRCINA)520,418520
Robin SchulzIIIILive and Let Live (feat. Sam Martin)851,321850
Robin SchulzIIIIOutro318,230318
Robin SchulzIIIIMake Me Feel the Night (feat. Tyler James Bellinger)750,162749
Robin SchulzIIIIKill the Fire (feat. The Leonard)525,686525
Robin SchulzIIIIAlane120,524,638120,331
Robin SchulzIIIISpeechless (feat. Erika Sirola)275,835,257275,391
Robin SchulzIIII902,084,727900,632
SeebSad in ScandinaviaFade Out30,840,79030,791
SeebSad in ScandinaviaThe Things You Do107,849108
SeebSad in ScandinaviaGrip122,063,891121,867
SeebSad in ScandinaviaUnfamiliar40,896,68840,831
SeebSad in ScandinaviaSafe Zone3,298,2463,293
SeebSad in ScandinaviaNumbers139,550139
SeebSad in ScandinaviaFeel It Again3,367,8013,362
SeebSad in ScandinaviaColourblind5,801,6055,792
SeebSad in ScandinaviaLast Dance651,711651
SeebSad in ScandinaviaWhy Change308,745308
SeebSad in ScandinaviaWhiteout73,21273
SeebSad in ScandinaviaSleepwalk183,578183
SeebSad in ScandinaviaSad in Scandinavia5,644,7855,636
SeebSad in ScandinaviaDon't You Wanna Play?12,426,82312,407
SeebSad in ScandinaviaDrink About111,546,336111,367
SeebSad in ScandinaviaRun It Up2,821,9742,817
SeebSad in ScandinaviaFree To Go12,693,43012,673
SeebSad in Scandinavia352,867,014352,299
Selena GomezRevelación - EPBaila Conmigo (with Rauw Alejandro)197,836,180197,518
Selena GomezRevelación - EPDe Una Vez51,058,84550,977
Selena GomezRevelación - EPD??melo To??? (feat. Myke Towers)18,773,88118,744
Selena GomezRevelación - EPVicio5,475,4065,467
Selena GomezRevelación - EPSelfish Love (with Selena Gomez)38,027,53337,966
Selena GomezRevelación - EPAdi??s6,089,0946,079
Selena GomezRevelación - EPBuscando Amor5,599,1035,590
Selena GomezRevelación - EP322,860,042322,340
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Miracle857,544856
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Saved My Life28,354,94828,309
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Floating Through Space62,414,86562,314
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Play Dumb670,548669
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Hey Boy (feat. Burna Boy) - Bonus Track7,544,7327,533
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Hey Boy11,885,85511,867
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Music680,234679
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Oblivion (feat. Labrinth)738,092737
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Eye To Eye838,445837
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Lie To Me575,253574
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)1+19,889,4809,874
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Together131,802,004131,590
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Beautiful Things Can Happen593,438592
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)Courage to Change60,493,43160,396
SiaMusic (Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)317,338,869316,828
Tate McRaeTOO YOUNG TO BE SADrubberband29,471,55629,424
Tate McRaeTOO YOUNG TO BE SADr u ok36,379,87336,321
Tate McRaeTOO YOUNG TO BE SADwish i loved you in the 90s3,423,6063,418
Tate McRaeTOO YOUNG TO BE SADyou broke me first615,043,587614,053
Tate McRaeTOO YOUNG TO BE SADslower20,536,75520,504
Tate McRaeTOO YOUNG TO BE SADbad ones10,877,07310,860
Tate McRaeTOO YOUNG TO BE SAD715,732,450714,580
YOASOBITHE BOOK???????????????62,723,85762,623
YOASOBITHE BOOKPrologue3,387,6063,382
YOASOBITHE BOOK??????59,954,78359,858
YOASOBITHE BOOKEpilogue4,056,2334,050
YOASOBITHE BOOK?????????51,183,70551,101
YOASOBITHE BOOK???????????????24,284,85124,246
YOASOBITHE BOOK?????????26,238,05226,196
YOASOBITHE BOOK????????????????????????31,486,18731,435
YOASOBITHE BOOK???????????????166,798,387166,530
YOASOBITHE BOOK430,113,661429,421
Zara LarssonPoster GirlStick With You1,338,9311,337
Zara LarssonPoster GirlWhat Happens Here931,286930
Zara LarssonPoster GirlLove Me Land37,602,21937,542
Zara LarssonPoster GirlPoster Girl2,500,8682,497
Zara LarssonPoster GirlNeed Someone7,370,5587,359
Zara LarssonPoster GirlFFF1,523,1841,521
Zara LarssonPoster GirlRuin My Life440,183,365439,475
Zara LarssonPoster GirlI Need Love1,370,7521,369
Zara LarssonPoster GirlLook What You've Done16,268,20516,242
Zara LarssonPoster GirlTalk About Love (feat. Young Thug)20,841,08820,808
Zara LarssonPoster GirlRight Here1,508,8581,506
Zara LarssonPoster GirlWOW80,533,99780,404
Zara LarssonPoster Girl611,973,311610,988
ZAYNNobody Is ListeningWindowsill (feat. Devlin)6,701,3936,691
ZAYNNobody Is ListeningUnfuckwitable6,289,6576,280
ZAYNNobody Is ListeningCalamity6,965,3536,954
ZAYNNobody Is ListeningTightrope14,298,94614,276
ZAYNNobody Is ListeningBetter87,907,88887,766
ZAYNNobody Is ListeningConnexion10,451,70110,435
ZAYNNobody Is ListeningWhen Love's Around (feat. Syd)7,445,3537,433
ZAYNNobody Is ListeningOutside9,703,2019,688
ZAYNNobody Is ListeningVibez61,451,56261,353
ZAYNNobody Is ListeningSweat12,560,50212,540
ZAYNNobody Is ListeningRiver Road6,574,9226,564
ZAYNNobody Is Listening230,350,478229,980
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I checked 2009, Madonna’s greatest hits album “Celebration” has 823 million plays. Why it isn’t into the top 15?


The title of this page is Spotify most streamed studio albums so compilations are obviously not included

Last edited 3 hours ago by Al

Funny how marian’s daydream outstreamed celine dion’s Falling into you and let’s talk about love while daydream only sold around 20m pure sale and celine’s two albums both sold amost 30m pure sale


“Pink Friday Roman Reloaded” has a full version called “Pink Friday Roman Reloaded + The Re-Up” with more streams (1,5 billion)
plssss notice me……


Hi, I have a question. Where is Fearless (Taylor’s Version)?


theres a glitch in the 2000s, 90s and 80s

Julie Michaels

Beyoncé’s B’Day in 2006 is excluding “Check On It” (57 million) and “Get Me Bodied” (19 million) both on the standard version and counting on her page in streaming pool but no here.


Read my comments on the previous page (Page 6), in reply to the same question from
“elliofun”, for an explanation.

Last edited 12 days ago by Martin
Poster Print

This list is missing Ellie Goulding- Halcyon Days which has around 1.34B streams.

Some versions on Spotify include I Need Your Love & Beating Heart which would be another 415M streams but I’ve only counted the streams on the edition that comes up on Ellie’s spotify page.

Last edited 13 days ago by Poster Print
El Jolito

Rock ruled the 90s!


And the genre is pretty popular with catalog streams, arguably performing better, at least on Spotify, than old pop records. It’s immense decline of popularity with younger folks since the 00s, which is reflected in the charts, is the part that ultimately leaves me scratching my head.

El Jolito

Yes I don’t quite understand it, but if you look at the UK charts at least, there is a growing number of compilations in the charts from old artists. Queen, Fleetwood mac and Elton John are doing incredibly well and have been for a while as well as Oasis. Rock is definitely doing better than old pop is. Look at Madonna’s streams compared to Guns n roses or Nirvana.


I was floored when I looked up Madonna‘s streams. They are abysmal for her status as an artist. Maybe she isn’t connecting with the newer generation as much. But I‘m sure her streams will go up when that documentary film is ready for the big screen, which really helped Queen and Elton John with their current explosion on streaming services.

Johnny be Good

What strikes ma about Madonna’s streaming numbers is that they are not just lower than rock acts (something which I expected), but that they are lower than Mariah Carey’s and Whitney Houston’s. I think that Madonna still suffers from the backlash of “American Life” in the USA, which limits her appeal in the world’s biggest market, and also, in the past 15 years she did everything she could to damage her reputation to the younger generation.


In all fairness, there is next to nothing between Madonna and Houston on Spotify and over 500m towards Houstons total, comes from the posthumous Higher Love single, which is really a Kygo track IMO. On top of that, Houstons death clearly helped elevate her streaming figures.

Also, if you were to exclude Careys abnormally and insanely popular Christmas track, her “normal” catalogue is pretty much in the same ball park as the other two.

Johnny be Good

Yes Whitney has a streaming era hit with “Higher Love”, I forgot about it 😀 Even discounting Whitney’s posthumous hit and Mariah’s perennial Christmas hit I think that Madonna’s numbers are a bit disappointing. If we discount Mariah’s Christmas hit she and Madonna ends up with basically the same streaming numbers, something that honestly is surprising considering Mariah’s limited appeal outside of the USA. Per example “Deaydream” has 500 mln streams on Spotify, almost the same as “Like a Virgin” and more than “True Blue”, “Like a Prayer” and “Ray of Light”. Songs like “Always be my Baby” or “Hero”… Read more »


I agree and I’ve often said, considering how huge Madonnas star was and how universal she was, that her current popularity is very, very disappointing. Being British and being old enough to have witnessed all threes careers from the beginning, Madonna and Houstons tracks are just so much more well known and recognisable to me and I’d say the majority of Brits. They both have so many classic tracks, that transcended genre and became true mainstream hits, unlike Carey, who I’d say only really has All I Want and even that took years, to grow into the beast it has… Read more »

Last edited 11 days ago by Martin
Johnny be Good

Well here in Italy Madonna is insanely popular so, maybe that’s why I am a bit schocked by her streaming results. Even relatively minor hits of her still get some airplay on the radio like “Who’s that girl”, “Secret” or “You’ll see”. There is a special link between Madonna and Italy, probably due to the fact she was very proud of her italian origin .Whitney here is pretty popular too, probably the second most popular foreign diva after Madonna. Apart from her classics (“I will always love you”, “I have nothing” and I wanna dance with somebody”) here “All at… Read more »


It seems Italys love and appreciation of those three, pretty much mirrors that of the UK, with Madonna way out in front of the other two, when it’s comes to popularity, sales and recognisability, then Houston, then Carey.

That’s my favourite Houston track also.


It all depends on where you came from. Im from Asia and its safe to say Mariah Carey was far bigger than Whitney was here and especially Madonna. Dont think Madonna ever exploded the way that Mariah did here in Asia, not even close. Plus I could be wrong, but I think Madonna failed to appeal to the younger audience in the US considering how urban American music is these days. Whitney & Mariah always have the pop/soul/R&B thing going on, so they probably have bigger support from the younger generation compared to Madonna.


Madonna’s underperformance on Spotify is 100% because of USA, if you check the Rolling Stone Top500 chart, she’s bubbling around #400-#450 which is terrible compared to Mariah and Whitney who have double the weekly streams of Madonna in the USA… and Also when you check Madonna’s most popular cities in Spotify it’s mostly Latin American and European cities. and Also another indicator is Madonna’s hits that were only big in USA (such as Take A Bow) have terribly low numbers, but when it comes to her hits that are more popular outside of the US like Hung Up and La… Read more »


What could truly help Madonna’s catalog to be revived / more appreciated is either a new hit which seems unlikely at this point because of how she killed her career with her last 4 albums, or the movie coming up. if that movie does well it could do wonders


From what I’ve seen old artists and songs can get resurges out of nowhere these days due to TikTok and such so you never know really.

Last edited 9 days ago by Martin

The US only represents about 20% of Spotify users now, so even if she did terrible there it wouldn’t affect overall totals as much as you want to believe.


Isn’t the connection with the new things the only problem. She probably has the WORST team out there, most of her singles are uploaded 2-3 times (few even 4) and the streams are getting splitted. On the other hand most of her big singles are promoted by her greatest hits album “Celebration”, so, many streams go in that album instead in her studio ones. Its a whole mess, cause when people discover Madonna songs they like, if they want to listen to more of her albums, they’ll probably click and stream the Celebration album instead of her studio ones, that… Read more »

Johnny be Good

Do you think the growing number of old rock compilations on charts might be related to the growing vinyl revival?


No, it’s completely down to streaming. Sure, adding vinyl sales helps, but regardless of all the headlines about increases in vinyl sales, they are not adding that much relatively.

The reason Oasis, Queen, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Guns N Roses etc do well in the UK album chart, is because their “Best Of” tracks are streaming in huge numbers, week in week out.


“Pink Friday Roman Reloaded” has a full version called “Pink Friday Roman Reloaded + The Re-Up” with more streams (1,5 billion)

plssss notice me……


Is Taylor’s Fearless (TV) gonna be on the 2021 list or added to the 2008 version?

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