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This page provides you with up to date lists of the most streamed studio albums, per year, per decade and of all-time, on Spotify.

Singles that have been issued before the start of the selected period are thus included in full.

In case several versions of the same album exist, the one with the highest total of streams is displayed.

The column EAS stands for Equivalent Album Sales. It reflects the worth of these audio streams on par with album units. This data extrapolates remaining streaming platforms.

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Most streamed albums: 2009

Last updated on 05/13/21
RankCoverArtistAlbumTotal StreamsDaily StreamsEAS
1KidKid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of Day1,430,070,0381,088,2001,427,767
2MumfordMumford & SonsSigh No More1,425,632,513565,8791,423,337
3MileyMiley CyrusThe Time Of Our Lives (International Version)1,367,678,4311,007,7281,365,476
4DavidDavid GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)1,366,016,3691,380,0041,363,817
5EminemEminemRelapse: Refill1,342,153,810642,7001,339,993
6FlorenceFlorence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)1,318,957,371674,1631,316,833
7BlackBlack Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]1,304,874,1731,199,7391,302,773
8MGMTMGMTOracular Spectacular1,277,071,724750,3401,275,015
9TrainTrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)1,188,903,742745,1831,186,989
10TheThe xxxx1,099,079,048383,4141,097,309
11SkilletSkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)906,919,905591,994905,459
12ParamoreParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)857,673,222566,405856,292
13MuseMuseThe Resistance714,651,637346,063713,501
14AventuraAventuraThe Last706,378,365506,776705,241
15TwentyTwenty One PilotsTwenty One Pilots704,940,687218,685703,806
16JAY-ZJAY-ZThe Blueprint 3682,861,244678,724681,762
17JohnJohn MayerBattle Studies662,736,881208,719661,670
18DrakeDrakeSo Far Gone628,800,570432,012627,788
19ColbieColbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)612,538,959323,792611,553
20RihannaRihannaRated R600,349,632348,788599,383
21GreenGreen Day21st Century Breakdown598,157,970348,047597,195
22AA Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)564,824,183295,035563,915
23PhoenixPhoenixWolfgang Amadeus Phoenix551,460,158257,604550,572
24AliciaAlicia KeysThe Element Of Freedom536,439,220246,499535,575
25KeriKeri HilsonIn A Perfect World...520,027,750422,723519,190
26JayJay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)513,504,563448,356512,678
27ThirtyThirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)502,943,834211,486502,134

Breakdowns (sorted by alphabetical order)

A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)A Shot In The Dark - Live In Switzerland1,177,3941,175
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)NJ Legion Iced Tea20,542,65920,510
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)Have Faith In Me65,907,10465,801
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)My Life For Hire - Live In Switzerland1,313,3421,311
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)If It Means A Lot To You155,866,033155,615
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End - Live In Switzerland1,409,0561,407
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)Fast Forward To 2012 - Live In Switzerland1,247,9111,246
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?59,946,08759,850
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)Welcome To The Family13,639,09713,617
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)Another Song About The Weekend13,518,38513,497
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)The Danger In Starting A Fire - Live In Switzerland1,242,9581,241
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle - Live In Switzerland1,314,6741,313
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance - Live In Switzerland1,393,9291,392
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)Homesick16,410,57116,384
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)The Downfall Of Us All109,299,211109,123
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)Holdin' It Down For The Underground13,206,82313,186
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)My Life For Hire24,148,24324,109
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)You Already Know What You Are10,224,36410,208
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)Homesick - Acoustic6,347,7056,337
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of? - Live In Switzerland1,636,5571,634
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)Another Song About The Weekend - Acoustic8,463,1318,450
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End34,854,55934,798
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)The Downfall Of Us All - Live In Switzerland1,714,3901,712
A Day To RememberHomesick (Special Edition)564,824,183563,915
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomLove Is My Disease7,371,8777,360
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomThis Bed4,983,2594,975
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomDistance and Time17,427,20217,399
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomThat's How Strong My Love Is12,492,95812,473
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomTry Sleeping with a Broken Heart87,258,59187,118
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomPut It In a Love Song (feat. Beyonc?? Knowles)12,002,75711,983
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomLike the Sea6,030,9256,021
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomUn-thinkable (I'm Ready)68,656,82768,546
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomDoesn't Mean Anything43,804,63843,734
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomEmpire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down250,853,298250,449
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomWait Til You See My Smile10,911,16310,894
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomHow It Feels to Fly6,131,3566,121
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomThe Element of Freedom (Intro)7,0187
Alicia KeysThe Element Of FreedomLove Is Blind8,507,3518,494
Alicia KeysThe Element Of Freedom536,439,220535,575
AventuraThe LastSu Vida4,530,5294,523
AventuraThe LastGracias2,793,1972,789
AventuraThe LastEl Malo170,841,013170,566
AventuraThe LastDile al Amor182,869,145182,575
AventuraThe LastIntro - The Last2,288,0502,284
AventuraThe LastLa Tormenta16,630,07916,603
AventuraThe LastPor un Segundo111,445,330111,266
AventuraThe LastLa Curita13,664,93913,643
AventuraThe LastAll Up 2 You (feat. Akon, Wisin & Yandel)23,875,58323,837
AventuraThe LastSkit1,886,1741,883
AventuraThe LastEl Desprecio9,668,7709,653
AventuraThe LastPrincesita5,162,1685,154
AventuraThe LastSpanish Fly (feat. Ludacris, Wyclef Jean)5,473,1175,464
AventuraThe LastSoy Hombre (feat. Arturo Sandoval)7,055,8997,045
AventuraThe LastPeligro12,060,59712,041
AventuraThe LastTu Jueguito25,746,48125,705
AventuraThe LastSu Veneno73,543,05873,425
AventuraThe LastYo Quisiera Amarla36,844,23636,785
AventuraThe Last706,378,365705,241
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Let's Get Re-Started1,356,0641,354
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Out Of My Head4,407,6234,401
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Shut The Phunk Up1,212,3651,210
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Now Generation3,709,7253,704
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Imma Be109,665,179109,489
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Rockin To The Beat4,188,2234,181
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Another Weekend756,669755
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Rock That Body65,544,09365,439
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Pump It Harder2,656,2702,652
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Don't Phunk Around2,792,7242,788
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Meet Me Halfway208,067,580207,733
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Simple Little Melody1,049,4921,048
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Boom Boom Pow211,652,608211,312
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Electric City4,773,5534,766
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]I Gotta Feeling612,558,292611,572
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Missing You16,538,72316,512
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Where Ya Wanna Go1,122,9511,121
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Don't Bring Me Down849,310848
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Showdown4,468,5954,461
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Mare2,313,8282,310
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Party All The Time9,570,6819,555
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]That's The Joint617,891617
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Ring-A-Ling7,024,7267,013
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]Alive21,264,97021,231
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]One Tribe6,712,0386,701
Black Eyed PeasTHE E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) [Deluxe Version]1,304,874,1731,302,773
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Runnin' Around1,647,5911,645
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Rainbow3,317,8953,313
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Never Let You Go1,097,4481,096
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Droplets4,978,6604,971
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Break Through1,885,3001,882
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Lucky - Re-Mastered Version438,917,630438,211
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Begin Again4,927,5144,920
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)I Never Told You52,595,42852,511
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Fallin' For You70,360,58670,247
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Stay With Me1,938,6091,935
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Don't Hold Me Down1,028,3531,027
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)What I Wanted to Say1,277,8111,276
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Out Of My Mind1,270,9441,269
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)It Stops Today1,751,4281,749
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Fearless3,457,7193,452
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)You Got Me14,469,05714,446
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)Breakin' At The Cracks1,516,8481,514
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)I Won't6,100,1386,090
Colbie CaillatBreakthrough (Int'l Deluxe Version)612,538,959611,553
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Gettin' Over You (feat. Fergie & LMFAO)114,622,920114,438
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)How Soon Is Now - Dirty South5,166,1975,158
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland)229,082,814228,714
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)On the Dancefloor (feat. &,359,19312,339
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Commander (feat. David Guetta) - Radio Edit60,145,28760,048
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)It's the Way You Love Me (feat. Kelly Rowland)5,295,9355,287
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Memories (feat. Kid Cudi)345,967,673345,411
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Sound of Letting Go (feat. Chris Willis)3,306,8663,302
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)I Gotta Feeling - FMIF Remix; Edit5,289,2375,281
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Freak (feat. Kardinal Offishall)5,939,5975,930
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Acapella12,304,88612,285
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Missing You (feat. Novel)7,036,4047,025
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Sexy Bitch (feat. Akon) - Chuckie & Lil Jon Remix Edit2,753,6662,749
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Choose (feat. Ne-Yo & Kelly Rowland)3,835,4053,829
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Revolver (feat. Lil Wayne) - Madonna vs. David Guetta One Love Remix6,559,1446,549
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)It's Your Life (feat. Chris Willis)398,254398
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Grrrr2,224,8202,221
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)I Wanna Go Crazy (feat.,676,1555,667
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Louder Than Words (feat. Niles Mason) - Radio Edit6,397,0176,387
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)One Love (feat. Estelle)24,596,04324,556
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)If We Ever (feat. Makeba)2,904,9212,900
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Who's That Chick? (feat. Rihanna)95,099,34794,946
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Toyfriend (feat. Wynter Gordon)4,516,4334,509
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Sexy Bitch (feat. Akon)400,090,823399,447
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Memories (feat. Kid Cudi) - F*** Me I'm Famous ! Remix Edit908,936907
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)Missing You (feat. Novel) - New Version3,538,3963,533
David GuettaOne More Love (Deluxe)1,366,016,3691,363,817
DrakeSo Far GoneNovember 18th27,527,06927,483
DrakeSo Far GoneUptown (feat. Bun B & Lil Wayne)49,769,80749,690
DrakeSo Far GoneLust For Life21,615,60921,581
DrakeSo Far GoneIgnant Shit (feat. Lil Wayne)21,621,96721,587
DrakeSo Far GoneUnstoppable (feat. Santigold & Lil Wayne)9,483,3749,468
DrakeSo Far GoneA Night Off (feat. Lloyd)9,603,7979,588
DrakeSo Far GoneBest I Ever Had313,164,721312,660
DrakeSo Far GoneCongratulations11,436,83011,418
DrakeSo Far GoneHoustatlantavegas41,450,64041,384
DrakeSo Far GoneSooner Than Later9,601,0399,586
DrakeSo Far GoneLet???s Call It Off (feat. Peter Bjorn and John)12,564,56212,544
DrakeSo Far GoneBria's Interlude (feat. Omarion)11,525,78511,507
DrakeSo Far GoneBrand New14,366,50014,343
DrakeSo Far GoneLittle Bit (feat. Lykke Li)14,038,80914,016
DrakeSo Far GoneOutro (feat. Chilly Gonzales)6,237,6786,228
DrakeSo Far GoneThe Calm17,230,03517,202
DrakeSo Far GoneSuccessful (feat. Trey Songz & Lil Wayne)27,562,79927,518
DrakeSo Far GoneSay What's Real9,999,5499,983
DrakeSo Far Gone628,800,570627,788
EminemRelapse: RefillDeja Vu34,885,42934,829
EminemRelapse: RefillHell Breaks Loose11,830,96211,812
EminemRelapse: RefillBagpipes From Baghdad36,996,45736,937
EminemRelapse: RefillBeautiful207,235,943206,902
EminemRelapse: RefillTonya - Skit10,603,85110,587
EminemRelapse: RefillSame Song & Dance28,825,23128,779
EminemRelapse: RefillMusic Box16,036,80116,011
EminemRelapse: RefillElevator18,215,03018,186
EminemRelapse: RefillMedicine Ball20,151,25220,119
EminemRelapse: RefillMy Mom38,096,67138,035
EminemRelapse: RefillMy Darling27,041,58126,998
EminemRelapse: RefillStay Wide Awake28,447,29428,401
EminemRelapse: RefillSteve Berman - Skit9,557,5409,542
EminemRelapse: RefillMr. Mathers - Skit9,926,5989,911
EminemRelapse: RefillBuffalo Bill12,758,50012,738
EminemRelapse: RefillTaking My Ball10,337,42010,321
EminemRelapse: RefillPaul - Skit9,78110
EminemRelapse: RefillCrack A Bottle150,462,978150,221
EminemRelapse: RefillUnderground22,308,59222,273
EminemRelapse: RefillDrop The Bomb On 'Em11,674,40811,656
EminemRelapse: RefillCareful What You Wish For19,223,35419,192
EminemRelapse: RefillWe Made You90,415,58290,270
EminemRelapse: RefillOld Time's Sake30,377,56830,329
EminemRelapse: RefillMust Be The Ganja40,225,37440,161
EminemRelapse: RefillForever339,885,875339,339
EminemRelapse: RefillDr. West - Skit12,282,10912,262
EminemRelapse: RefillInsane35,438,69335,382
EminemRelapse: Refill3 a.m.36,623,13136,564
EminemRelapse: RefillHello32,279,80532,228
EminemRelapse: Refill1,342,153,8101,339,993
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Cosmic Love107,507,901107,335
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Kiss With A Fist48,729,31648,651
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Dog Days Are Over - Yeasayer Remix5,669,1435,660
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Girl With One Eye24,731,18124,691
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Hurricane Drunk20,832,96220,799
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Dog Days Are Over440,573,708439,864
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)My Boy Builds Coffins21,447,93521,413
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Are You Hurting The One You Love?4,947,7154,940
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Hospital Beds6,050,2546,041
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Falling15,335,17815,310
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Swimming8,088,7298,076
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)I'm Not Calling You A Liar29,311,16529,264
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Addicted To Love12,202,98712,183
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Howl38,148,89138,087
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Heavy In Your Arms30,613,14430,564
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Blinding19,647,38419,616
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Hardest Of Hearts11,580,06911,561
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)You've Got The Dirtee Love - Live At The Brit Awards / 201031,983,98131,932
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)42,729,17542,660
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Between Two Lungs21,928,35021,893
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Bird Song19,554,56619,523
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)You've Got The Love317,633,632317,122
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Ghosts - Demo5,914,8625,905
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)Drumming Song33,795,14333,741
Florence + The MachineLungs (Deluxe Edition)1,318,957,3711,316,833
Green Day21st Century BreakdownChristian's Inferno6,388,7736,378
Green Day21st Century BreakdownBefore the Lobotomy10,218,64810,202
Green Day21st Century BreakdownThe Static Age7,281,3847,270
Green Day21st Century BreakdownRestless Heart Syndrome8,548,1468,534
Green Day21st Century BreakdownEast Jesus Nowhere12,801,72912,781
Green Day21st Century Breakdown21st Century Breakdown26,356,47426,314
Green Day21st Century BreakdownAmerican Eulogy: Mass Hysteria / Modern World7,261,5117,250
Green Day21st Century Breakdown??Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)20,324,55720,292
Green Day21st Century BreakdownHorseshoes and Handgrenades8,825,6118,811
Green Day21st Century BreakdownMurder City7,663,0877,651
Green Day21st Century Breakdown??Viva La Gloria!16,258,64616,232
Green Day21st Century BreakdownSee the Light5,558,3575,549
Green Day21st Century BreakdownPeacemaker10,250,88210,234
Green Day21st Century BreakdownKnow Your Enemy60,529,69360,432
Green Day21st Century BreakdownLast of the American Girls19,084,03419,053
Green Day21st Century BreakdownLast Night on Earth14,546,28814,523
Green Day21st Century Breakdown21 Guns348,976,199348,414
Green Day21st Century BreakdownSong of the Century7,283,9517,272
Green Day21st Century Breakdown598,157,970597,195
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Down - Candle Light Remix7,156,1507,145
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)All Or Nothing1,974,9891,972
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Stuck In The Middle1,579,3221,577
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Do You2,720,2052,716
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Stay - Boy Better Known Remix740,166739
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Lights Off7,643,7707,631
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Ride It28,801,55428,755
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Cry2,716,4822,712
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Love Like This (Eternity)2,039,4222,036
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)If I Ain???t Got You2,680,9822,677
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Stay4,215,1194,208
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Fire2,802,3782,798
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Do You Remember104,205,999104,038
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Down334,380,056333,842
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)War8,484,5228,471
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)Far Away1,363,4471,361
Jay SeanAll Or Nothing (UK Version)513,504,563512,678
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3Real As It Gets5,447,2915,439
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3So Ambitious4,291,2774,284
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3Venus Vs. Mars4,796,3604,789
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3What We Talkin' About3,688,2663,682
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3Empire State Of Mind350,681,696350,117
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3Young Forever68,455,67768,345
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3Reminder3,744,1823,738
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3Hate6,352,7006,342
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3On To The Next One29,802,37029,754
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)15,311,69715,287
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3A Star Is Born7,133,8987,122
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3Off That5,395,7645,387
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3Already Home7,998,2017,985
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3Thank You4,305,5934,299
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3Run This Town165,456,272165,190
JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3682,861,244681,762
John MayerBattle StudiesWho Says189,976,094189,670
John MayerBattle StudiesWar of My Life21,434,80221,400
John MayerBattle StudiesFriends, Lovers or Nothing22,835,18322,798
John MayerBattle StudiesPerfectly Lonely48,216,81148,139
John MayerBattle StudiesHeartbreak Warfare112,317,549112,137
John MayerBattle StudiesCrossroads21,327,94021,294
John MayerBattle StudiesAll We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye42,569,69442,501
John MayerBattle StudiesEdge of Desire58,273,60258,180
John MayerBattle StudiesAssassin26,070,86426,029
John MayerBattle StudiesDo You Know Me16,618,08516,591
John MayerBattle StudiesHalf of My Heart103,096,257102,930
John MayerBattle Studies662,736,881661,670
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Intro576,640576
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Where Did He Go1,568,0701,566
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Hurts Me266,680266
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Knock You Down201,550,626201,226
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Get Your Money Up1,921,4681,918
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Make Love5,339,4595,331
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Energy17,911,02217,882
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Scream13,403,85613,382
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Tell Him The Truth2,695,5722,691
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Change Me3,595,5063,590
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Return The Favor - Main6,753,4616,743
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...How Does It Feel1,007,2571,006
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Intuition1,309,3051,307
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Alienated1,177,7471,176
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Turnin Me On - Original Clean13,651,42813,629
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...Slow Dance6,012,4386,003
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...The Way I Are241,287,215240,899
Keri HilsonIn A Perfect World...520,027,750519,190
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DaySimple As...29,103,88129,057
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayT.G.I.F.9,908,8029,893
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayIn My Dreams (Cudder Anthem)17,614,87617,587
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayUp Up & Away76,798,34976,675
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayDay 'N' Nite (Nightmare)392,736,957392,105
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayMake Her Say5,305,7015,297
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayHyyerr20,417,28320,384
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayEnter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)28,761,58528,715
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DaySky Might Fall30,301,10330,252
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayDay 'N' Nite - Crookers Remix69,526,45369,414
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayMy World20,915,49220,882
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayAlive (Nightmare)42,663,24842,595
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayMan On The Moon50,218,17750,137
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayIs There Any Love7,914,4387,902
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayPursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare)339,528,705338,982
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DaySoundtrack 2 My Life166,756,296166,488
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DaySolo Dolo (Nightmare)38,731,95538,670
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayCudi Zone53,174,95253,089
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of DayHeart Of A Lion (Kid Cudi Theme Music)29,691,78529,644
Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of Day1,430,070,0381,427,767
MGMTOracular SpectacularFuture Reflections7,171,7997,160
MGMTOracular SpectacularKids - Soulwax Mix6,349,5716,339
MGMTOracular SpectacularOf Moons, Birds & Monsters16,500,87416,474
MGMTOracular Spectacular4th Dimensional Transition9,470,8739,456
MGMTOracular SpectacularThe Youth22,658,19222,622
MGMTOracular SpectacularThe Handshake9,791,6519,776
MGMTOracular SpectacularElectric Feel423,698,206423,016
MGMTOracular SpectacularPieces of What14,091,13914,068
MGMTOracular SpectacularKids460,708,849459,967
MGMTOracular SpectacularTime To Pretend236,226,186235,846
MGMTOracular SpectacularElectric Feel - Justice Remix29,569,26029,522
MGMTOracular SpectacularMetanoia1,347,2081,345
MGMTOracular SpectacularWeekend Wars39,482,85839,419
MGMTOracular SpectacularElectric Feel - Demo Version5,0585
MGMTOracular Spectacular1,277,071,7241,275,015
Miley CyrusThe Time Of Our Lives (International Version)Kicking And Screaming4,831,0014,823
Miley CyrusThe Time Of Our Lives (International Version)The Time Of Our Lives8,572,2058,558
Miley CyrusThe Time Of Our Lives (International Version)Talk Is Cheap3,278,2873,273
Miley CyrusThe Time Of Our Lives (International Version)Before The Storm ??? duet with Jonas Brothers (Live)7,239,1577,227
Miley CyrusThe Time Of Our Lives (International Version)Party In The U.S.A.728,634,005727,461
Miley CyrusThe Time Of Our Lives (International Version)Obsessed6,000,4755,991
Miley CyrusThe Time Of Our Lives (International Version)The Climb336,513,058335,971
Miley CyrusThe Time Of Our Lives (International Version)When I Look At You272,610,243272,171
Miley CyrusThe Time Of Our Lives (International Version)1,367,678,4311,365,476
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreThistle & Weeds - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire5,291,3365,283
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreWinter Winds77,964,31377,839
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreDust Bowl Dance - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire5,079,9515,072
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreTimshel48,006,65547,929
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreHold On To What You Believe20,418,04320,385
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreAfter The Storm52,935,74052,850
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreSigh No More - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire7,005,9796,995
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreAwake My Soul89,539,71889,396
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreThe Cave - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire5,893,1625,884
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreSigh No More51,634,73251,552
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreRoll Away Your Stone - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire7,126,9147,115
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreLittle Lion Man395,965,843395,328
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreFeel The Tide - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire14,617,95814,594
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreThe Cave350,683,398350,119
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreRoll Away Your Stone45,934,68545,861
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreDust Bowl Dance36,021,74535,964
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreWhite Blank Page88,541,00288,398
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreWinter Winds - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire6,242,2926,232
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreI Gave You All44,620,10444,548
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreAwake My Soul - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire6,457,2186,447
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreI Gave You All - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire6,519,6286,509
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreWhite Blank Page - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire13,064,86813,044
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreThistle & Weeds33,320,24733,267
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreLittle Lion Man - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire6,864,0326,853
Mumford & SonsSigh No MoreTimshel - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire5,882,9505,873
Mumford & SonsSigh No More1,425,632,5131,423,337
MuseThe ResistanceUndisclosed Desires120,772,239120,578
MuseThe ResistanceMK Ultra22,890,54022,854
MuseThe ResistanceUnited States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage)23,637,70423,600
MuseThe ResistanceI Belong to You (+Mon Coeur S'Ouvre a Ta Voix)26,070,63026,029
MuseThe ResistanceResistance74,322,15374,202
MuseThe ResistanceUnnatural Selection25,672,01125,631
MuseThe ResistanceExogenesis: Symphony Pt. 2 (Cross-pollination)11,896,61911,877
MuseThe ResistanceUprising367,189,368366,598
MuseThe ResistanceExogenesis: Symphony Pt. 1 (Overture)13,637,40113,615
MuseThe ResistanceExogenesis: Symphony Pt. 3 (Redemption)14,059,56114,037
MuseThe ResistanceGuiding Light14,503,41114,480
MuseThe Resistance714,651,637713,501
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Turn It Off - Acoustic Version379,222379
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)All I Wanted68,170,46668,061
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Brick by Boring Brick95,161,38295,008
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Where the Lines Overlap17,210,28817,183
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Turn It Off26,572,63826,530
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Misguided Ghosts38,764,18038,702
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Feeling Sorry22,535,10322,499
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)The Only Exception232,166,583231,793
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Ignorance - Acoustic12,215,84512,196
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Brick by Boring Brick - Acoustic Version1,216,3431,214
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Decode - Twilight Soundtrack Version83,152,83283,019
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Ignorance150,920,445150,677
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Playing God53,421,50453,335
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Careful34,388,20534,333
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)Looking Up21,398,18621,364
ParamoreBrand New Eyes (Deluxe Edition)857,673,222856,292
PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus Phoenix1901204,459,624204,130
PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus PhoenixGirlfriend18,770,03218,740
PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus PhoenixCountdown8,891,7818,877
PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus PhoenixArmistice17,714,08017,686
PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus PhoenixLasso42,950,44642,881
PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus PhoenixRome19,723,28019,692
PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus PhoenixLove Like a Sunset, Pt. I11,469,97111,452
PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus PhoenixFences20,243,89420,211
PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus PhoenixLove Like a Sunset, Pt. II10,854,56910,837
PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus PhoenixLisztomania196,382,481196,066
PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus Phoenix551,460,158550,572
RihannaRated RG4L7,038,2497,027
RihannaRated RThe Last Song6,325,6436,315
RihannaRated RFire Bomb9,125,6399,111
RihannaRated RRussian Roulette111,376,192111,197
RihannaRated RHard38,758,01738,696
RihannaRated RPhotographs16,112,69416,087
RihannaRated RCold Case Love11,181,95111,164
RihannaRated RMad House6,629,9876,619
RihannaRated RTe Amo80,153,20480,024
RihannaRated RWait Your Turn10,576,39210,559
RihannaRated RROCKSTAR 10121,313,41721,279
RihannaRated RRude Boy264,498,586264,073
RihannaRated RStupid In Love17,259,66117,232
RihannaRated R600,349,632599,383
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)Awake and Alive149,294,849149,054
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)Hero252,161,952251,756
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)It's Not Me, It's You19,037,33719,007
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)Sometimes8,536,6778,523
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)Should've When You Could've8,405,4048,392
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)Would It Matter10,976,79210,959
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)Monster - Alternate Radio Version335,994,660335,454
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)Believe13,025,75513,005
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)Forgiven14,434,22914,411
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)Lucy26,504,17326,461
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)Never Surrender20,451,20020,418
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)Don't Wake Me17,005,05216,978
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)One Day Too Late21,115,11521,081
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)Dead Inside9,976,7109,961
SkilletAwake (Deluxe Edition)906,919,905905,459
The xxxxVCR84,943,89584,807
The xxxxBasic Space40,115,91740,051
The xxxxNight Time35,745,75835,688
The xxxxIslands126,087,105125,884
The xxxxInfinity46,271,28846,197
The xxxxIntro412,989,583412,325
The xxxxFantasy31,715,96031,665
The xxxxStars39,728,31039,664
The xxxxCrystalised170,799,433170,524
The xxxxShelter50,234,10650,153
The xxxxHeart Skipped A Beat60,447,69360,350
The xxxx1,099,079,0481,097,309
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)L4904,303,8064,297
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Night Of The Hunter19,589,72419,558
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Hurricane 2.059,103,38859,008
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Kings And Queens - LA Riots Main Vocal Mix183,181183
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Alibi12,060,85912,041
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Bad Romance - Live6,508,9856,499
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Stranger In A Strange Land6,994,6416,983
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Kings And Queens121,258,502121,063
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)100 Suns12,431,92012,412
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Vox Populi15,617,89915,593
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Night Of The Hunter - Flood Remix121,018121
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Escape8,101,3898,088
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Closer To The Edge80,802,84280,673
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Search And Destroy11,645,71511,627
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)Stronger - Live3,104,9353,100
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)This Is War141,115,030140,888
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War (Deluxe)502,943,834502,134
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Brick by Brick3,358,0663,353
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)I Got You10,516,28110,499
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Parachute - Alternate Version1,210,4131,208
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Shake Up Christmas96,341,18496,186
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Hey, Soul Sister (Country Mix)681,478680
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Words3,219,0543,214
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Marry Me - First Dance Mix190,085,204189,779
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)This Ain't Goodbye7,580,0817,568
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Half Moon Bay1,946,1781,943
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Parachute5,308,5175,300
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)If It's Love15,453,83715,429
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)You Already Know2,689,3692,685
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Hey, Soul Sister823,733,834822,407
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)The Finish Line3,140,1483,135
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Umbrella2,891,3012,887
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Breakfast in Bed2,221,1072,218
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Hey, Soul Sister - Karmatronic Club Mix253,347253
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)Save Me, San Francisco18,274,34318,245
TrainSave Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)1,188,903,7421,186,989
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsMarch To The Sea38,964,71738,902
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsJohnny Boy66,402,73966,296
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsOh Ms Believer77,691,10577,566
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsImplicit Demand For Proof39,124,68239,062
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsAddict With A Pen62,052,38261,952
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsTrapdoor39,503,38239,440
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsBefore You Start Your Day37,548,00737,488
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsTaxi Cab51,412,21551,329
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsA Car, A Torch, A Death45,301,51945,229
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsIsle Of Flightless Birds40,662,89340,597
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsFriend, Please48,654,08348,576
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsThe Pantaloon45,654,32745,581
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsAir Catcher32,722,73332,670
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One PilotsFall Away79,245,90379,118
Twenty One PilotsTwenty One Pilots704,940,687703,806
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I checked 2009, Madonna’s greatest hits album “Celebration” has 823 million plays. Why it isn’t into the top 15?


The title of this page is Spotify most streamed studio albums so compilations are obviously not included

Last edited 3 hours ago by Al

Funny how marian’s daydream outstreamed celine dion’s Falling into you and let’s talk about love while daydream only sold around 20m pure sale and celine’s two albums both sold amost 30m pure sale


“Pink Friday Roman Reloaded” has a full version called “Pink Friday Roman Reloaded + The Re-Up” with more streams (1,5 billion)
plssss notice me……


Hi, I have a question. Where is Fearless (Taylor’s Version)?


theres a glitch in the 2000s, 90s and 80s

Julie Michaels

Beyoncé’s B’Day in 2006 is excluding “Check On It” (57 million) and “Get Me Bodied” (19 million) both on the standard version and counting on her page in streaming pool but no here.


Read my comments on the previous page (Page 6), in reply to the same question from
“elliofun”, for an explanation.

Last edited 12 days ago by Martin
Poster Print

This list is missing Ellie Goulding- Halcyon Days which has around 1.34B streams.

Some versions on Spotify include I Need Your Love & Beating Heart which would be another 415M streams but I’ve only counted the streams on the edition that comes up on Ellie’s spotify page.

Last edited 13 days ago by Poster Print
El Jolito

Rock ruled the 90s!


And the genre is pretty popular with catalog streams, arguably performing better, at least on Spotify, than old pop records. It’s immense decline of popularity with younger folks since the 00s, which is reflected in the charts, is the part that ultimately leaves me scratching my head.

El Jolito

Yes I don’t quite understand it, but if you look at the UK charts at least, there is a growing number of compilations in the charts from old artists. Queen, Fleetwood mac and Elton John are doing incredibly well and have been for a while as well as Oasis. Rock is definitely doing better than old pop is. Look at Madonna’s streams compared to Guns n roses or Nirvana.


I was floored when I looked up Madonna‘s streams. They are abysmal for her status as an artist. Maybe she isn’t connecting with the newer generation as much. But I‘m sure her streams will go up when that documentary film is ready for the big screen, which really helped Queen and Elton John with their current explosion on streaming services.

Johnny be Good

What strikes ma about Madonna’s streaming numbers is that they are not just lower than rock acts (something which I expected), but that they are lower than Mariah Carey’s and Whitney Houston’s. I think that Madonna still suffers from the backlash of “American Life” in the USA, which limits her appeal in the world’s biggest market, and also, in the past 15 years she did everything she could to damage her reputation to the younger generation.


In all fairness, there is next to nothing between Madonna and Houston on Spotify and over 500m towards Houstons total, comes from the posthumous Higher Love single, which is really a Kygo track IMO. On top of that, Houstons death clearly helped elevate her streaming figures.

Also, if you were to exclude Careys abnormally and insanely popular Christmas track, her “normal” catalogue is pretty much in the same ball park as the other two.

Johnny be Good

Yes Whitney has a streaming era hit with “Higher Love”, I forgot about it 😀 Even discounting Whitney’s posthumous hit and Mariah’s perennial Christmas hit I think that Madonna’s numbers are a bit disappointing. If we discount Mariah’s Christmas hit she and Madonna ends up with basically the same streaming numbers, something that honestly is surprising considering Mariah’s limited appeal outside of the USA. Per example “Deaydream” has 500 mln streams on Spotify, almost the same as “Like a Virgin” and more than “True Blue”, “Like a Prayer” and “Ray of Light”. Songs like “Always be my Baby” or “Hero”… Read more »


I agree and I’ve often said, considering how huge Madonnas star was and how universal she was, that her current popularity is very, very disappointing. Being British and being old enough to have witnessed all threes careers from the beginning, Madonna and Houstons tracks are just so much more well known and recognisable to me and I’d say the majority of Brits. They both have so many classic tracks, that transcended genre and became true mainstream hits, unlike Carey, who I’d say only really has All I Want and even that took years, to grow into the beast it has… Read more »

Last edited 11 days ago by Martin
Johnny be Good

Well here in Italy Madonna is insanely popular so, maybe that’s why I am a bit schocked by her streaming results. Even relatively minor hits of her still get some airplay on the radio like “Who’s that girl”, “Secret” or “You’ll see”. There is a special link between Madonna and Italy, probably due to the fact she was very proud of her italian origin .Whitney here is pretty popular too, probably the second most popular foreign diva after Madonna. Apart from her classics (“I will always love you”, “I have nothing” and I wanna dance with somebody”) here “All at… Read more »


It seems Italys love and appreciation of those three, pretty much mirrors that of the UK, with Madonna way out in front of the other two, when it’s comes to popularity, sales and recognisability, then Houston, then Carey.

That’s my favourite Houston track also.


It all depends on where you came from. Im from Asia and its safe to say Mariah Carey was far bigger than Whitney was here and especially Madonna. Dont think Madonna ever exploded the way that Mariah did here in Asia, not even close. Plus I could be wrong, but I think Madonna failed to appeal to the younger audience in the US considering how urban American music is these days. Whitney & Mariah always have the pop/soul/R&B thing going on, so they probably have bigger support from the younger generation compared to Madonna.


Madonna’s underperformance on Spotify is 100% because of USA, if you check the Rolling Stone Top500 chart, she’s bubbling around #400-#450 which is terrible compared to Mariah and Whitney who have double the weekly streams of Madonna in the USA… and Also when you check Madonna’s most popular cities in Spotify it’s mostly Latin American and European cities. and Also another indicator is Madonna’s hits that were only big in USA (such as Take A Bow) have terribly low numbers, but when it comes to her hits that are more popular outside of the US like Hung Up and La… Read more »


What could truly help Madonna’s catalog to be revived / more appreciated is either a new hit which seems unlikely at this point because of how she killed her career with her last 4 albums, or the movie coming up. if that movie does well it could do wonders


From what I’ve seen old artists and songs can get resurges out of nowhere these days due to TikTok and such so you never know really.

Last edited 9 days ago by Martin

The US only represents about 20% of Spotify users now, so even if she did terrible there it wouldn’t affect overall totals as much as you want to believe.


Isn’t the connection with the new things the only problem. She probably has the WORST team out there, most of her singles are uploaded 2-3 times (few even 4) and the streams are getting splitted. On the other hand most of her big singles are promoted by her greatest hits album “Celebration”, so, many streams go in that album instead in her studio ones. Its a whole mess, cause when people discover Madonna songs they like, if they want to listen to more of her albums, they’ll probably click and stream the Celebration album instead of her studio ones, that… Read more »

Johnny be Good

Do you think the growing number of old rock compilations on charts might be related to the growing vinyl revival?


No, it’s completely down to streaming. Sure, adding vinyl sales helps, but regardless of all the headlines about increases in vinyl sales, they are not adding that much relatively.

The reason Oasis, Queen, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Guns N Roses etc do well in the UK album chart, is because their “Best Of” tracks are streaming in huge numbers, week in week out.


“Pink Friday Roman Reloaded” has a full version called “Pink Friday Roman Reloaded + The Re-Up” with more streams (1,5 billion)

plssss notice me……


Is Taylor’s Fearless (TV) gonna be on the 2021 list or added to the 2008 version?

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